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  1. @Pixelz helloo! I have some doodle wips that will turn into the digital piece after you chose which one you like ^^ I drew both of the twins roughly and you can pick which one! .
  2. I am not fussed let your imagination wild! . @Abducted
  3. @Becks aww thank you >w<. I wanted to try something different only using orange tones
  4. @Becks she is done!
  5. @Pixelz awesome! I shall give you a wip soon! also what are you willing to trade? Dp for dp? or..? ^^
  6. @Pixelz :FORM: aWork Example: Name: Toyozik WaterMark: Toyo Screenies: x Reference: ocs *they have no connection to my screenies* Extra: artistic freedom on any screenies you pick as long as any shade of blue is included.
  7. ooh Dy looks awesome so far! @Abducted
  8. @Hwi heeeeey I'm back with another wip . Before I go too far! any changes? all I gotta do left is her top ^^! I might take away the face make up I decided to try it but im not that happy with it! >.<'' or the hair bleh...
  9. @abducted awesome I can't wait to see what you come up with
  10. @Becks perfect outfits i'll tweak and try what fits to me! I agree @HippieDippie
  11. No biggie for me it happens XD. I didn't do full body art I tend to stick to waist to the legs ratio (my feet drawing is terrible). you don't have to full body you can do to the waist like I'm doing ^^. @Abducted
  12. @Dbg heyo hun sorry I don't accept screenies ^^'''. @Becks I finally have a wip . just one more thing can I have a better picture of the reference for her second outfit? @Paddling ooh your oc is adorable! I never get a chance to do magical creatures accepted @HippieDippie Accepted my no.2 stalker XD. I will get to everyone else soon (my art streak is slowly returning back >.<''
  13. @Abducted I'm back with a final wip! ^^ what are we trading? we never fully discussed that? dp for dp? or?
  14. aww she looks great so far! you did her outfit better than I can loool and no worries wips always start messy. phew I'm glad you like the wip so far i'll send another one again soon ^w^ @Hwi
  15. @Hwi I finally have a wip! been struggling all day ..>.<'' your oc - Zanridae. I'm not so great with face make up so I might not be able to draw it ^^''

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