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  1. ToyoziK

    ⚡️ S T Y L I N ⚡️

    I am glad you had fun sis. Im here to sprinkle love on ya sis XD @Khali
  2. ToyoziK

    ⚡️ S T Y L I N ⚡️

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she looks amazing sis I love every piece you do ya know that haha . the best art I've ever received of her by far!!
  3. ToyoziK

    Boredom (Temp) OPEN

    they can never understand the freedom of our feet on the bare ground smh haha. same reaction for mine always getting mad but yours seems to have given up on nagging you about it lmao. I might stream later today! @Ilya
  4. ToyoziK

    Boredom (Temp) OPEN

    you have interesting ocs and wow Im not the only person who likes to walk bare feet! my mum always nags at me to wear my slippers in doors -__-. haha accepted @Ilya back again for my art hun? and I do not know alot of left handed people that is neat. accepted ^^ @HippieDippie I will be accepting two people at a time. WIPs will be posted soon
  5. ToyoziK

    Boredom (Temp) OPEN

    aw thanks hun! I will try XD
  6. ToyoziK

    Boredom (Temp) OPEN

  7. ToyoziK

    Boredom (Temp) OPEN

    like the title says I'm bored and this little shop will get me out of my art slump. I don't know what you will get from me. can be anything from dp to the art please read my rules: Do: Males (due to not enough practice) Females a mix of accessories (depends) A mix of skin colors please do not throw pale oc's only. Monsters/Alien ocs Backgrounds (nothing too complicated) Don'ts: Couples Nudity Screenies Furries Bloody characters - I do not mind drawing here and there but not a bloody/bruised character is not my style. Form: text: Ocs: Background? N/a Interesting fact about yourself?: Examples:
  8. ToyoziK

    ⚡️ S T Y L I N ⚡️

    AH she looks amazing sis oh my heart!! slay sis SLAY!
  9. ToyoziK

    ⚡️ S T Y L I N ⚡️

    sis! I'm here! to throw my babies at you >.> OC/Refs: https://sta.sh/2iabh1drppe Pose/expression idea? In refs Color(s) to use: Blues and Purples Text: Toyo Love you sis <33
  10. ToyoziK

    ✧✦ Let's Trade ✧✦ (Open)

    good news I received my charger. so we can start whenever you have time ^^
  11. ToyoziK

    ✧✦ Let's Trade ✧✦ (Open)

    that is fine hun! Im not down to start immedalitely either I'm waiting for my laptop charger if it comes to me this week (fingers crossed from Ebay) I can start on that. currently on my other one getting used to clip studio paint x=x''
  12. ToyoziK

    ✧✦ Let's Trade ✧✦ (Open)

    pssst @lSinny you free enough to want a trade again with me?
  13. ToyoziK

    Testing, testing! [Anime style]

    References [ hair/eyes/clothes/etc.] : Maya Nani other ocs Mood/Theme/Aesthetic [either a picture or text] : a coloured background is fine maybe pastel colours :) Back story [ If any, more for fun and so I get to know your ocs better as well! ]: all backstories are in the stash files ^^ How did you get/create your OC: I was inspired by people's ocs on gasr leading me to thinking up ideas to create em!
  14. ToyoziK

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    your welcome hun I had fun drawing her
  15. ToyoziK

    Trades n That

    ahhh so precious! i love them <3. Continue this magic hun <3 @parvus

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