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  1. ToyoziK


    @Amy look at you improving! KEEP it up
  2. Hello! Thanks for considering ^^ Form: Text: toyo Pose: x OC: x if this oc does not interest you here are my other ocs - x
  3. @Promise accepted! I will be a little slow getting to yours as I'm doing commission and working all at the same time ^^'. @Mushuk sorry hun I can't see my ocs in your style :(
  4. ToyoziK

    ♡ [ 2 | 2 ]

    I know how you feel when life decides to hit you in the face when things are going so well but hey I am not fussed because you are getting back to me better than some art trades that the artist just disappears without any word lol. I do use the stabilizer at 13 but my wacom tablet which is about three years old now tends to still glitch no matter what I do on SAI sigh I will buy a new one hopefully by Christmas. the line art is looking really good ^^. I can't wait to see the base colours hehe.
  5. ToyoziK

    ♡ [ 2 | 2 ]

    Awwww they look amazing your line art skills is goals. I have since vad news my charger for my laptop decided to stop working yesterday 🙄. So I'm looking online for something as close to the one I bought so my laptop is now dead till I get the charger sigh. But good news I finished our trade just cant ask access that laptop till I get the new charger. @Kitsei update - got my charger! phew ^^''. I shall send the art through PM.
  6. ToyoziK

    ♡ [ 2 | 2 ]

    @Kitsei I do not mind if he looks feminine or better if its getting annoying you can just do chibi's XD.
  7. ToyoziK

    ♡ [ 2 | 2 ]

    @Kitsei they look precious! I can't wait to see the awesomeness when its finished
  8. ToyoziK

    ♡ [ 2 | 2 ]

    is this better? I tried to add more darker strands @Kitsei
  9. ToyoziK

    ♡ [ 2 | 2 ]

    @Kitsei phew! -wipes forehead- It is done unless you want me to add anything more? I looked back and forth at your oc pages xD.
  10. ToyoziK

    ♡ [ 2 | 2 ]

    I did not see this edit part just came back to the page and checked. aww they look so precious! I am loving it so far @Kitsei
  11. been awhile since I stepped in the trading section!. if you wanna trade with me fill out the form and show some examples of your art ^^ Gasr Rules: GASR rules apply, and please follow them ! I can decline for any reason so if you want to know why send me a message. Please be patient. No NSFW. . All my ocs -X Example: Form: Art Examples: Name: Ocs: What are we trading possibly?: extra:
  12. ToyoziK

    ♡ [ 2 | 2 ]

    @Kitsei was working it some more today ^^

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