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  1. Could I get the unwatermarked version whenever you have time? ^-^ thanks again
  2. I checked and it says it did. Did i send to correct account?
  3. It is adorable thank you! Did you get credits?
  4. These colors if possible: Still would like the heart eyes and blush please :)
  5. Username: Cerberus Screenie Links: https://sta.sh/21j9qc60r5c6 Would you like to be tagged when I upload new screenies: y Total: 100
  6. Yes thank you. putting in transfer request now
  7. It is cool so far! Is it possible in the first one for her to be holding a love note and for the second one to reverse the knife so she is holding it upright. Let me know the animations cost and I will send the credits over via help ticket!
  8. ♡𝓲 𝔀𝓪𝓷𝓽 𝓪 𝓭𝓹!♡ text: (colour, type, ect) Cerberus the rest artist choice refs: https://www.deviantart.com/likesac/art/Yandere-Chan-741510071 https://www.deviantart.com/naughtykittydv-1992/art/FANART-Yandere-chan-602786173 https://www.deviantart.com/yunasenpai/art/Yandere-chan-Yandere-Trance-549084886 https://www.deviantart.com/ragecndy/art/Yandere-chan-690319107 https://sta.sh/0m2ygqegido (eye and skin reference) background: artist choice? Something love struck themed. Hearts, etc extras: (animations, specific pose or expression?) Hair style is up to you as I don't want it to be the same character as in the references. Eye and skin reference above. For animation a gif going from innocent to dark/scary with an expression change. Yandere themed <3 This is a good example I saw on gasr: https://gasrforum.net/gallery/image/5726-yandere-maid/ payment: (paypal or credits?) credits <3
  9. Thank you!!! <3 You can go ahead and order ahead of time in case you want some changes.
  10. My dream date would be walking around in Tokyo looking at all the stuff while holding hands. My realistic dream date would be cuddled up watching movies and ordering pizza.
  11. I'm selling: Dps, Icons, and badges. Preview: PAY WHAT YOU WANT unless otherwise marked Pride and Pan Pride Gems Fruit ornaments Price: Soraka: $7 Love: $5 soraka Love ICONS: All $3.50 pastel Galaxy snowflake Christmas Status: Available Has it been 24 hours since you last posted here? yes Do you have a premade shop? No
  12. None of these people are on gasr because I don't have frens ;=; I will show them though. I'm not good with these so they are a bit short. Blub 1: My husband obviously. We have been together for 4 years and have a beautiful son. Blurb 2: My best friend of 2 years now. We talk everyday about everything and anything. We fall asleep talking most nights. Its a blessing i have someone to confide in and rant to. Blurb 3: My support dog because I don't know how I would survive lol. I have severe anxiety and social anxiety and she lays on my lap when she senses my discomfort. She sleeps by my side every night. She is the most loyal and best doggo.

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