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  1. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    I'm going to have to cancel my order.
  2. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    Hey darling, I just wanted to let you know I'll be changing the females name on the dp from Umi to Sin, so it'll be Uni and Sin. I'll edit the actually post to though. Thanks love ♡♡♡♡ @kanan So happy you're okay love. @kanan
  3. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    So happy you're okay love. @kanan
  4. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    ^ I am curious as well. @kanan
  5. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    Thank you so much!??
  6. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    text : Sin(Female) Uni(Male) color / y or n / : Yes!!! refs : https://imgur.com/a/9Ifz1 pose: In refs, and I know youre not the most comfortable with hands, so her hand can be mostly covered by the sleeve of her sweater if thats prefered<3 though id like her fingertips to be showing, if thats okay<3 expression : In refs <3 bg : a rainy window?? perhaps with a cherry blossom if possible<3 If not, just a rainy window! extra : Expression change!! Expressions in ref. And blinking on the smiling pair expression, but not the one where the female is yawning. price : 15k Please let me know if you have any questions <3
  7. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    Credits have been sent!!<3
  8. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    Oh I am so inlove, Yes!! I'll send the payment as soon as I'm out of my bath ???
  9. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    Oooh one last thing~~~~~~ Cuppy was supposed to have little fangs too, If its too late to add them I'm sure she will live though!
  10. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    Oh maaaan I love this so so so much!! The only change id ask for is if you could possible add some more lashes on the two?? but other than that its perfect!!
  11. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    Ahh!! Yes!! Love love love!!
  12. Himeri

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    text : Cuppy and Hime (water mark- Cupsu and Himeri) color / y or n / : Yessir refs :https://imgur.com/a/3FOV8 (I made sure to add text to the photos so you know which girl the reference refers to) expression : In the reference photos bg : We'd like the background to be a light ethereal blue color, maybe a slight lavender hint to it? with planets, ufos, and sweets, (candy, icecream, etc) if this is at all possible c: extra : We would like 4 simple animations if possible, Sparkling eyes, neko ear wiggles, wink, and blush. Additionally, on cuppys tongue she would like drool and a hard peppermint candy, and we would like both girls to have little fangs. we would like Cuppy to be on the left and Hime to be on the right. price : Couple colored-8k Detailed BG-2k 4 simple animations-4k and with a 6k tip for being so great, itll be 20k. (Please let me know If I messed up anywhere, or if you have any questions or concerns!!<3<3<3)

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