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  1. Premade: the one on the right of your half off section, I didn’t see a name! Text: can I get one with Alex and one with Puts? If not just Alex! Watermark: ^
  2. I’m gonna suggest like, a space babe?
  3. References: https://sta.sh/21mr448xi3xy Text: Alex Regular or couple? Regular Animation: guys hand squeezing her thigh and her winking Background idea: Up to you! close-up or half body? Half body! Total: 5€ Big art? No thanks! Take your time with my order, I get paid on Friday :p lol also if you questions about the hand thing please let me know!
  4. No way, she’s an angel 😍😍 you slayed that outfit!! ❤️ Thank you hun!
  5. Yeah I was going to hold it and then I messaged the other person and she didn’t have the funds, if it’s still available when I get paid tho 😉😉
  6. Cute stuff going on in here 🥰
  7. Her purple makeup is my favorite part. She’s a queen omg. Lol
  8. Holy!! She’s beautiful 😍😍😍
  9. No changes 😍 she’s so much cuter than I imagined
  10. I’m so excited ahhhh 😍😍😍
  11. I’m back 👀 Full colored thigh up please! Character description and/or reference(s): https://sta.sh/22frxazbdzth Pose & Expression description and/or reference(s): will attach pose I would like used to the bottom of the post! Feel free to play around with the pose. Make her hot lol DP Crop? Yes (if you add text, one with Alex, one with Puts) Background (simple only): up to you! Paypal Email: [email protected] $8!
  12. nevermind a bill came out of my account, I will order again when I get paid if your slots are still open 🥰

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