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  1. hope everyone has a good weekend !:llhuh:

    1. Alex


      Thank you - you too cutie! :kaayee:

  2. y’know i’m so pissed that my pc broke and i hate waiting for things to arrive, but honestly it was like 5 yrs old and a bag of shit :kangery:


    i’ll be able to stream me doing art and shit on my new pc and NOT LAG or CRASH on overwatch 


    i’ll be playing dead by daylight, black desert online, pubg and squad mostly so hmu if u wanna play :lazebedwink:


  3. Application for Banned Members

    if the application is accepted and they come back to GASR, but then break rules again... will they have a less amount of warnings before they are banned? or is it just the same as a regular member? if the application is declined, are they in any way allowed to reapply? i’m curious
  4. @Daaes @Amy @KawaiiKittyunfortunately my pc broke down in hardware terms earlier this week :lazecry:i am trying my best to gather funds to buy a new one, but meanwhile i have no access to sai or photoshop or any files at all. my art trades are unfortunately on hold, meaning unexpected delays of possibly a week or two for my side of the trade...  i’m so sorry about this! if you want to cancel the art trade, that’s 100% okay

    thank you for understanding :llohno:

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    2. Amy


      LMFAO i think u can not 100% sure tho but HOPEFULLY LOL otl hope u get the important stuff atleast :NOOOOO:

    3. KawaiiKitty


      Awww I'm so sorry this happened hun D: I understand things happen, so no rush ^^ I'm still down to trade, I'm patient and gotta take care of yourself and what you need! Keep me posted hun <3

    4. Kate


      @Amy this adapter thing is coming today to plug into my harddrive and then into my shitty vista laptop via usb so i can get files off it??? hopefully it works IDFK it better it was 20 quid


      @KawaiiKitty thank u for understanding b! i will keep updates going - my new pc should be here on wednesday:lazecry:


  5. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    i knew the website move would be the best option for us. GASR is a million times more professional and so many more opportunities are available to continue to update and develop the community and website. this is only possible due to the AMAZING staff we have! i haven’t had an enormous amount of communication with staff members, but in the times i needed help there was great support, which i am extremely grateful for! regarding the DASR situation, well shame on them for stealing from us and thinking it was ok. the situation was handled 100% correctly by filing the DMCA. i believe members in our community want to feel involved and appreciate being able to read about issues of this level (DASR) publicly. if this was hidden from us, it would feel less of a community and more of a staff - member divide, which is not wanted! thank you to the fabulous staff team for taking time out of your day to make GASR a better place.
  6. Secret Santa 2017


  7. sad, fat and not proud



    should i buy a lottery ticket :imath:

  9. [OCT 04, 2017] Age Verification

    maybe you need more than 25 posts to see it

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