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  1. Remba

    ✨ ANGEL STUDIO ✨ | [ 0 ] |

    @Angel Sent!
  2. Remba

    ✨ ANGEL STUDIO ✨ | [ 0 ] |

    Premade #: 95 Text: Amber Extra: N/A Email: ambers49.shafer@outlook.com
  3. Remba

    ✨ ANGEL STUDIO ✨ | [ 0 ] |

    @Angel Umm can I have her? She is gorgeous!
  4. @FoxGod For toxicity is it possible to get the smoke animated?
  5. Premade: Mora Changes: (If any) None Text: Amber Watermark: (Not Optional) Remba Total: $10
  6. Remba

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @VEITY Would it be possible to add this? Also sent pm about payment!
  7. @Deth Oooh please make more like Dolly she she’s so cute!
  8. ˚♥ Name : Amber ˚♥ References: Xavier ˚♥ Animation? Blink and blood drip ˚♥ Expression: : In ref! ˚♥ Background?(Flat color? Or give me the refference): ˚♥ Text : Remba ˚♥ Price : Bust up $40 + Animations $3 = $43 if thats not right let me know! ˚♥ Tip?(optional): If I can then definitely ˚♥ Have you read the rules? : Yes
  9. @Kaiseki Did you want me to post a form or shall I wait until its my turn? o;
  10. Remba

    ✨ ANGEL STUDIO ✨ | [ 0 ] |

    @Angel I am so sorry I didn't get a notification ;-; But I was just curious is all o;
  11. Remba

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    @VEITY I think something simple will be good, Maybe a red or a light gray?
  12. Remba

    Sins of the Siren || OPEN

    MAIN TEXT: Remba WATERMARK: Remba REFERENCES: Xavier POSE: (if you're not sure, leave it empty) In ref THEME: Gore,/Gothic EXTRA INFO: (if you're not sure, leave it empty) Blink, blood drip PAYPAL EMAIL: ambers49.shafer@outlook.com NOTE: Have fun!
  13. @Haku Your art is so adorable! I hope to snag a slot when you open again

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