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  1. Minniez

    StarkArts♥(OPEN) (5 premades available)

    I. Love it I could legit scream thankyou so much!
  2. Minniez

    StarkArts♥(OPEN) (5 premades available)

    Style (avatar edit/anime): anime Solo/Duo: duo Name(s) you want on it: lulla and runi Pose Reference: https://sta.sh/01y8l2xh07do Character(s)References:https://sta.sh/26qeiyi8ek7?edit=1 References: (you can leave this blank and I'll pick a color) you can pick the color♡ Accessory: Animation: blushing and maybe a pouting face for her and a smile for him with pointy teeth Estimated price: let me know♡

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