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Status Updates posted by Lunna

  1. I'm gonna try to post at least a premade per day! Probably starting this on Friday since today and tomorrow I'll be more busy. :bhee:

    If you want to see any theme/idea, feel free to drop me a pm or just reply to this. Thank you! spacer.png

  2. Finishing a premade, should be up very soon today!! tumblr_inline_mfnjtiFsQl1qdlkyg.gif.9186c17743b680204c104557ea70ca5b.gif

  3. :cutehehehaaas:


    (will be up tomorrow)


  4. New premade up!


  5. New premade will be up in about three hourstumblr_inline_mfnjtiFsQl1qdlkyg.gif.9186c17743b680204c104557ea70ca5b.gif

  6. My power keeps running out, I’m scared to turn back my computer and it shuts down again because of the power, send help :psobbing:

  7. Yesterday I didn't manage to get on my computer, like I said I had an appoinment to see a new house, it took some time because of the paperwork and etc but we got the house, I'm really happy about it! I'm gonna start moving in probably at the end of this month, can't wait! tumblr_inline_mfnjtiFsQl1qdlkyg.gif.9186c17743b680204c104557ea70ca5b.gif

    And since I didn't work on anything yesterday because of that, I'm gonna finish the previous wip today sooo she's gonna be up soon. tumblr_m4izee5lz81qb1380.gif.5056c6d35e395f4c5acc1ecfaeb2895c.gif

  8. Here's a wip for the premade that will go up next!

    Gonna try to finish her tomorrow but since I have an appointment after work to see the new house, not sure if I will be able to complete her!


  9. Hello everyone, hope y'all are doing good! tumblr_inline_pk57m6z3DL1ry72eo_75sq.gif.c33cf858cf92dc9873a103402515647f.gif

    Just gonna drop some updates since I'm a bit away, on 20th September I will no longer have a job since they are having some issues at my work and are going to fire a lot of us and I'm on of those persons, it affected me a lot since I love to work there and I love a lot the people who I work with. tumblr_inline_nodwvdGz2l1qid2nw_75sq.gif.f64f8041d47ae93cf31d35d1adf448cb.gif

    I'll be home for what I hope to be a short period of time since I want to get another job fast but until there, my art will be my income so I'll focus more in that since I will also have more time to work on it and probably open a custom shop, we shall see! Too much stuff happening in my life rn (probably moving to a new house soon aswell) and I'm trying to deal with my mental health in the best way possible and I'm finally at a point where I feel good enough to keep working on everything. With all that said, premades should be start to go up tomorrow/Thursday. Thank you to every single one of you who support my art and showed so much love so far, it's really important to me so, once again, thank you so much guystumblr_inline_msalriZoSZ1qz4rgp.gif.c5a5ce0ba71893814ce6aac262c72731.gif

    1. Hiroki


      Hope things turn out to be good at the end!

    2. Verixia


      Good luck with everything and hope you are okay. xox

    3. Lunna


      @Hiroki @Verixia thank you guys!! :cutehehehaaas:

  10. tumblr_inline_pk57m6z3DL1ry72eo_75sq.gif.c33cf858cf92dc9873a103402515647f.gif


    Her hair will be full of colors ofc, this is just a base! Still a lot to be done tho :cutefingergun:


  11. Not sure if the rainbow one will be up today guys, it's so but so hot in here today and being in front of a computer screen makes it worse, I'm literally sweating everywhere :lazetears: gonna try to keep working on her probably at night time since it's when the weather starts to chill a bit :psobbing: will post a wip later!

  12. Working on a rainbow girl! Gonna try to have her up tomorrow, will post a wip of her sometime tomorrow aswell! :blove:

  13. New premade! 


  14. :pblushing:




    1. Pey


      Love the hair


    2. Lunna


      @Pey thank you hun! <3

  15. Today is my last day of work and then I will have two weeks off so I hope to be able to make more dps! Maybe opening customs but not sure since I get too anxious with them. :lazetears:

  16. This cutie is still available! If interested, check heretumblr_inline_mfnjtiFsQl1qdlkyg.gif.9186c17743b680204c104557ea70ca5b.gif


  17. New premade is up!


  18. Premade from the last wip should be up in 2-3 hours:bgoodjob:

  19. tumblr_inline_pk57m6z3DL1ry72eo_75sq.gif.c33cf858cf92dc9873a103402515647f.gif

    Hi everybody!

    New wiptumblr_inline_msalr3tzfs1qz4rgp.gif.923048d995bbf0b9a8e0d27da8ab595a.gif


  20. New premade is up! ♥


  21. Wip on my silver haired babe! Gonna try to finish her today but I always get stuck with hands so not 100% sure that she will be up today. :bare:


  22. New premade is up!! ♥



  23. wip

    (she will be up tomorrow)


    1. Zaffre


      Can't wait to see her!

    2. Lunna
  24. You know when you really like to do dark themes but you promise to do cute and colorful art BUT randomly the Halloween movie is passing on tv and you rewatch it because why not and you kinda really but reeeeeaaaally like Michael Myers like a lot and then you just want to make more and more dark stuff? Oh man help me LOL :icry: 

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