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  1. Welcome to my premade shop! You can call me by my real name, Isa, or you can just call me Lunna :3 Let's make this simple! R U L E S Do not claim, resell, edit my art as your own. Be nice to everyone here. First come, first serve. Only send the payment after your form has been accepted. I will hold premades for 24 hours (this is also the time you have to pay the premade). After that, if you don't contact me anymore or don't pay in time will be put on sale again. If changes are available will say under each premade. Note that complex changes, if available, will cost you more. I don't offer textless versions anymore. I'll keep all the art I'm selling so if you change your username in the future, I still can change that with no extra cost. Two texts per premade, more than that will cost $1.00 per text. Always use the form to order please. Everytime I post more than one premade at a time, you're only allowed to purchase TWO. You can purchase another one when 24 hours passed from the first one you bought. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT YOUR FORM AFTER YOU POST IT. Specially if I post more than one premade at a time. This is only to avoid confusion. If you spell something wrong, just make another post or say to me once I reply to you. Thank you ❤ P A Y M E N T I N F O Payment is in dollars (USD). My paypal is: isacosta.miau@gmail.com https://www.paypal.me/Pinkyfie Please send as "Goods and services" with no shipping address and with a note of your username (it's just for me to keep track of payments). No refunds. Please send proof of payment once you have been accepted! E X A M P L E S (these are all sold, do not request them please!) F O R M Premade name: Text: Watermark (yes/no): (If yes) Watermark text: Extra: Price: A V A I L A B L E Name: 148 Price: $15.00 1 normal, 1 animated. No changes. Screenshot by Faith. PENDING FOR FLAP S O L D Pixel credit: x x x
  2. Lunna


    Premade sold to @Xunjo
  3. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [1] ♡ ☆

    and here's the wip!
  4. Lunna


    Premade sold to @Kute
  5. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [1] ♡ ☆

    @Wrath not gonna post any premades today (I think) so you're good hehe @Kute yes, got it thank you beautiful! Sending you the dps in a moment.
  6. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [1] ♡ ☆

    @Wrath more will come like her! <3 will post a wip in a few minutes of what I'm working on, same theme as the third one! @Kute Yes she is! Please send the payment to isacosta.miau@gmail.com as goods & services and in USD. @Xunjo Thank you so much love! Will send you everything in a few minutes <3
  7. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [1] ♡ ☆

    @Xunjo @Flap Sold to you! You both may send to isacosta.miau@gmail.com as goods & services and in USD! I'm gonna send you the files tomorrow after I get home from work because my eyes can't take anymore light LOL so no rush with the payment! @Nikki HERE, HAVE IT
  8. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [1] ♡ ☆

    N E W B A T C H Name: 147 Price: $12.00 1 normal, 1 animated. No changes. Screenshot by @ISow PENDING FOR KUTE Name: 148 Price: $15.00 1 normal, 1 animated. No changes. Screenshot by @Faith PENDING FOR FLAP Name: 149 Price: $20.00 3 normal, 3 animated. No changes. Screenshot by @Faith SOLD TO XUNJO
  9. Gonna try my best to finish my batch today!

    But also, after this one I'm gonna work on a NEKO BATCH, who's ready for it? :psideeyes:

    I'M SORRY LOVE @Nikki:lazetears:

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    2. Zaffre


      yes its so hard finding good neko dps lately 

    3. Krystal


      Hell yes to the nekos! 😍

    4. Wrath


      NEKOOOOOOS :phearteyes:

  10. Username: Lunna Singles (links)/ VIP (pack #): 1 2 3 Payment: 300cr
  11. Lunna

    Last Minute Shopping | Chibi DPs| OPEN

    No rush with me hun, I totally understand you!
  12. It’s really sad to see that one person only comes to my art streams EVERYTIME just to see how I do stuff and trying to copy that. Not gonna mention who it is but I’m not the only one who noticed this and this is not the first, second or third time that this same person keeps trying to do this. I’m in my right to be mad and because of all of this I’m not gonna stream on twitch more of my art for now, will only do some sessions with join.me to my friends that I can trust. But thank to all of you who always keep supporting me no matter what.

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    2. Saiph


      Personally I don't get why people copy. The world is full of many beautiful and inspiring things, also everyone has their own perception. It's very sad when people prefer to choose someone else "preferences" than theirs.

    3. Alxi


      Sorry to hear this hun, I personally can't fathom why people are like this.

      Nothing more frustrating than a rip off of your style/process. 

      Sending lots of hugs and can't wait to see the new batch of premades soon. 


    4. Lunna


      Thanks for the words guys. It's really sad to know that are people like this in this community, due to my health I already get to unmotivated to do art and now with this I'm afraid that it will get worse. And the worst part is that this person keeps seeing my profile and even reating to my posts... Sigh.

      Anyway, this is the piece she stole some ideas/my details in my current style:


      She copied the lips (shape, color, teeth and EVEN THE BEAUTY MARK). My details on how I do the eyes and even the hairstyle but she did the hair coming on the front but in both sides. I know what I'm saying because she started doing this after my stream.

  13. I'll try to have my premade batch up tomorrow but not sure, still need to finish three!

    Maybe I'll stream them so that way I don't get too distracted LOL. :lazetears:

  14. My last wisdom tooth was giving me pain guys, so that's why I didn't stream :lazetears:

    But I'm live now!

    Tagging the people who asked: @Nikki @Latex @Wrath @Kute


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    2. Kute


      omg that's gorgeous!

    3. Playtime


      I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple days ago I feel your pain :lazerollcry:

    4. Lunna


      @Nikki more will come for sure! <3

      @Kute thank you! <3

      @Playtime they're the worst ugh :lluwotm8:



      Thank you to everyone who came to the stream! tumblr_m2zr79bPLX1qb1380.gif.e9d1e264a3e348356ee84b3030b18478.gif

  15. Lunna

    [2018] GASR Secret Santa

    AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH, I love her <3 She's actually one of y top OC's
  16. Art stream tomorrow guys!

    I’m too tired today and I’m going to sleep now :lazetears:

    1. Latex


      Good night, I’m excited to see your art come to life in the stream. :klovee:

  17. Lunna

    _Beneath the Mask_ [BOY:3 GIRL:3] SALES

  18. Lunna

    ✦☽ Chasing Stars ~ Screenie Shop

    @Faith get better soon hun!
  19. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [1] ♡ ☆

    Quick update! I'm gonna make a batch of cheap premades (price will be $12) but they will not be so detailed as my last ones. Probably gonna make only four for now! I'll probably stream all of them, if you wanna peek or watch them come to life you can follow my stream or my profile because I'll post on my profile when I'll be online there! Also, if you want me to tag you on the post when I go online let me know!
  20. @Deth payment sent lovely! And please make more red haired ones, they are so beautiful! Proof of payment
  21. Lunna

    † MOURNING DAY † - open (2/3)

    That’s weird lol but my PayPal is isacosta.miau@gmail.com I was able to send from my computer! Sent with a note http://prntscr.com/m4kihr Sorry for the delay, really busy day at work
  22. Lunna

    † MOURNING DAY † - open (2/3)

    I tried to send but I keep getting this error, I get off from work in two hours so I can try sending from my computer
  23. Premade: amari Changes: - Text: Lunna Watermark: Lunna Total: $27

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