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  1. Finally back and with my computer running great again, it was scary tho :lazetears:

    Currently  working on customs! Might have a premade up later today, not sure. 

    Also, I've made an instagram that will be for personal use/art related things! Feel free to follow, will follow you aswell. Click tumblr_inline_msalr3tzfs1qz4rgp.gif.923048d995bbf0b9a8e0d27da8ab595a.gif

    AND HAPPY PRIDE MONTH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! tumblr_inline_msalre836Q1qz4rgp.gif.8e6db5a22ebf80f1e41c42d86456c1f6.gif


    1. Vickie



  2. BEST MONTH EVEEER!! Happy pride month babies!
  3. Update regarding customs:

    My computer is slowly getting normal again, tomorrow I will have it again (it's currently at my friend's house since he's the one who is fixing it) and will work on your orders then. Will be resting my leg in this time since it's start to heal from the tattoo I got done. :bgoodjob:

  4. Sorry for being away guys, my computer is starting AGAIN to freeze out of nowhere several times. I'm trying my best to get it fixed asap without losing any data, I hope that tomorrow everything's solved. But since tomorrow I'm getting my tattoo done in the morning, it will depend at the time I'll get home in the afternoon (my tattoo will take 3-4 hours to be done). I'm really sorry for this guys, it's not the first time that my computer acts like this but I hope it gets fixed sooner than the last time. Also, if everything's fixed by tomorrow I'll probably open slots again on sunday and keep this shop open for more time than it was supposed to.
  5. Bundle name: Moon Witch Screenie(s) no: A3-03, A13-02, A12-02, A7-02, A2-02, A16-01 Welcome back dear! <3
  6. My computer isn't recognizing my tablet for some reason, will try to fix the problem still today
  7. @Kute @pizza thank you! ♥ ♥ @Hiroki thanks dear! @Spirits like Hiroki said, she was pending before hun and now sold, so sorry! But thank you for showing your interest in her
  8. @PetieFawn love the overall theme! Accepted, as for the text is fine with no extra cost you may pm your paypal email. ♥ Slots are now full.
  9. I W A N T S C R E E N I E S IMVU username: Lunna Links to screenshots: x xx xxx Price: 300cr Tag me in the next batch of screenshots: Y Give me some theme ideas: more dark stuff
  10. Also, forgot to mention guys than I now work with invoices again so if you can pm your paypal email to me would be great @Layla @Jazibum Paypal email will already be in the form for future orders but you can pm aswell if you don't want to post in the thread!
  11. @Bunies sold to you baby! You may pm
  12. @satania yes I am dear @Jazibum Super cute screenshot! Accepted
  13. NEW ONE UP ♥ Gonna try to have one more up today (not sure about this) but since I have to leave in a few minutes, it will depend the time I arrive home. ♥ I will work with invoices again from now due to recent stuff with receiving payments, it's better & safer this way for me. Thanks! ♥ I'm super proud of his one! Name: Riley Price: $26.00 2 normal, 1 animated. No changes. Screenshot by @Pey. STATUS: SOLD to Bunies ♥
  14. More wip :bgoodjob:

    (two premades will be up later today)


  15. Will be up today (I hope) :bgoodjob:


  16. @Kute you got it hunnie! You may send to isacosta.miau@gmail.com as Goods & Services with no shipping address!
  17. One premade still available:


    You can purchase her via pm (just pm with the form found on my shop) or here:blove:

    1. Taemin


      What a beauty <3

    2. Lunna


      @Taemin thank you so much! tumblr_inline_msalriZoSZ1qz4rgp.gif.c5a5ce0ba71893814ce6aac262c72731.gif

  18. Price lowered for "Sophia".
  19. Lunna

    Artwork ♥

    Everything in this done was custom or a premade made by me.
  20. Lunna

    Premade: Suzy

    From the album: Artwork ♥

    Premade sold to @Moirai

    © Lunna

  21. Lunna

    Premade: Charlotte

    From the album: Artwork ♥

    Premade sold to @Jungkook

    © Lunna

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