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    .wander. |

    ✧ Premade: 115 ✧Who's this for: myself ✧ Main Text: Lunna ✧ Watermark: Lunna ✧ Price: $23
  2. Update:

    I'm feeling better, still a little bit hurt but at least I'm able to sit again without too much pain tumblr_inline_nodwvdGz2l1qid2nw_75sq.gif.f64f8041d47ae93cf31d35d1adf448cb.gif

    Anything art related will be continued from tomorrow! Thank you. tumblr_inline_nodwvbDg111qid2nw_75sq.gif.3f5b823f8a422700d9aeff1b5df02d36.gif

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    2. Xunjo


      Get well soon hun, and take your time. Your health comes first! Sending good vibes :phearteyes:

    3. Hiroki


      Feel better soon

    4. Lunna


      @Xunjo @Hiroki thanks a lot cuties! tumblr_mdpjr5Xtl01qdlkyg.gif.069338746673ccfbdf9fae54999f4fd2.gif

  3. IMVU Username: Lunna Screenshot Links: 1 2 3 4 5 Price: 500cr Theme Ideas: goth/supernatural Would you like to be tagged when I upload new screenies: y
  4. Lunna

    Antisocial | 1 |

    Premade # #3 Desired Text Lunna Proof of Payment will send once accepted ;u ,
  5. Quick update regarding the customs that need to be done yet:

    My back pain came back yesterday so I’m gonna take it slow probably until tomorrow, will depend on how the pain is but will keep doing them tomorrow/Wednesday. Really sorry for this guys, my health has just been a mess lately (more than usual LOL) :lazetears:


    Also regarding the premade batch, I will try to get it done next weekend and after that will open my custom shop again.

    Thank youtumblr_inline_p7ga3s6mUy1qid2nw_75sq.gif.1042d539c301c266126675a81ea4000a.gif

    1. Hiroki


      Rest up! You need it. 

  6. Form for premade: 01 Text: Lunna Watermark: Lunna  Changes? none <3
  7.                                                                         wip ♥                                                                        

    One of the premades that will be part of a batch of four, don't know when they will be up! tumblr_inline_np9uqgRAkV1qid2nw_75sq.gif.673f25e183888dfdaf0a7c6a24838a31.gif



  8. Lunna

    My boyos ♥

    This is so adorable, omg!
  9. Hello everybody! I didn't forget about this thread! I'm just busy with work/health getting better and worse + some money things but I'm slowly working on these too! Here's a super messy wip for the lovely @Sheeply
  10. @Kute sold to you! Please send payment to isacosta.miau@gmail.com as Goods & Services in USD @Arianna thank you so much! <3
  11. @Deth payment sent with a note hun! Make more gamer girls! <3 proof
  12. NEW ONE UP - No holds. Name: 157 Price: $20.00 3 normal, 1 animated. No changes. Screenshot by @Demonaliya SOLD TO KUTE
  13. ♥ premade wip :bgoodjob:


  14. @Emberly that's so sweet of you, thank you!! Gonna wait for Deth's response <3
  15. ♔ Premade: Alexa Text: Lunna Watermark: Lunna Total: $28
  16. Lunna

    S E L I N A

    She's too gorgeous love!!

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