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  1. Slowly finishing her!

    She will only be up tomorrow even if I finish her today. :bgoodjob:


    1. Wrath


      hnnngh she looks amazing uwu digging that collar and leash thing too♥, sadly i got work so imma miss another one if she gets posted xD . but im sure she will turn out more gorge than she already is!♥

  2. Lunna

    New way screenshots (OPEN)

    Name: Lunna Screenshot link(s): 1 Total: 100cr Tip:
  3. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [0] ♡ ☆

    Thank you hun! It's just rl stuff, hope it will get fixed soon!
  4. Lunna


    Premade sold to @Flap
  5. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [0] ♡ ☆

    @Vickie thank you lovely! <3 Also, I was gonna post at least two premades today but something happened during last night and today so I'm feel really bad/sad so I'm not sure if there's gonna be any premades up today.
  6. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [0] ♡ ☆

    and here's the wip!
  7. Lunna


    Premade sold to @Kute
  8. Lunna


    Premade sold to @Xunjo
  9. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [0] ♡ ☆

    @Wrath not gonna post any premades today (I think) so you're good hehe @Kute yes, got it thank you beautiful! Sending you the dps in a moment.
  10. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [0] ♡ ☆

    @Wrath more will come like her! <3 will post a wip in a few minutes of what I'm working on, same theme as the third one! @Kute Yes she is! Please send the payment to isacosta.miau@gmail.com as goods & services and in USD. @Xunjo Thank you so much love! Will send you everything in a few minutes <3
  11. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [0] ♡ ☆

    @Xunjo @Flap Sold to you! You both may send to isacosta.miau@gmail.com as goods & services and in USD! I'm gonna send you the files tomorrow after I get home from work because my eyes can't take anymore light LOL so no rush with the payment! @Nikki HERE, HAVE IT
  12. Lunna

    ☆ ♡ Baby's On Fire ♡ [0] ♡ ☆

    N E W B A T C H Name: 147 Price: $12.00 1 normal, 1 animated. No changes. Screenshot by @ISow PENDING FOR KUTE Name: 148 Price: $15.00 1 normal, 1 animated. No changes. Screenshot by @Faith SOLD TO FLAP Name: 149 Price: $20.00 3 normal, 3 animated. No changes. Screenshot by @Faith SOLD TO XUNJO
  13. Gonna try my best to finish my batch today!

    But also, after this one I'm gonna work on a NEKO BATCH, who's ready for it? :psideeyes:

    I'M SORRY LOVE @Nikki:lazetears:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zaffre


      yes its so hard finding good neko dps lately 

    3. Krystal


      Hell yes to the nekos! 😍

    4. Wrath


      NEKOOOOOOS :phearteyes:

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