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Status Updates posted by Lunna

  1. New premade is up!


  2. I was searching/deleting old art files and found this piece of Star Guardian Soraka (from the game League of Legends), should I finish it and sell it as a premade like she was supposed to be in the first place? Let me know if you guys would be interested in see her done/for sale! Thank you. tumblr_inline_p7ga3s6mUy1qid2nw_75sq.gif.c7c32c7e4351f0da634e303b850247f9.gif


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    2. Lunna


      Oh do it! That's my favorite Janna skin :phearteyes:

    3. Baah


      I'm going to a baseball game right now, but I have her references all set up and will be starting her in a few hours c; Only going to be at the game for an hour or two, my job paid for all of us to go so ;u ;

    4. Lunna


      Oh that's so nice! Have fun tho tumblr_inline_mfnjtiFsQl1qdlkyg.gif.9186c17743b680204c104557ea70ca5b.gif

  3. Finally she will be completed today (I hope LOL), my life is kinda messy and a lot busy rn so I have no time to do these more often sadly tumblr_inline_nodwvdGz2l1qid2nw_75sq.gif.f64f8041d47ae93cf31d35d1adf448cb.gif


  4. premade wip

    (also trying new stuff on this one :D)


  5. Hello guys! I hope you're all doing well

    Little question/request for screenshot makers: I'm looking for alien themed screenshots in order to make some premades with them (I have some that I took but I'm not too happy with them LOL rip!), so if any of you have some feel free to drop a pm! Paying in credits. Thank you! tumblr_m4izee5lz81qb1380.gif.5056c6d35e395f4c5acc1ecfaeb2895c.gif


    Little update:

    Life is too complicated rn and I have like 0 time for anything else so that's the reason for me being a little off/away, art related stuff is for now on hold. tumblr_inline_nodwvdGz2l1qid2nw_75sq.gif.f64f8041d47ae93cf31d35d1adf448cb.gif

    1. Mushuk


      I might be able to help depending on the kind you're looking for 

    2. Lunna


      @Mushuk anything tbh LOL

  6. Next batch will have 2 nekos, one rainbow babe and one alien! The batch will be available probably on the next Saturday/Sunday, will make a post on my shop one hour before to let you guys now. tumblr_inline_pk57m6z3DL1ry72eo_75sq.gif.c33cf858cf92dc9873a103402515647f.gif

    Thank you to all who voted!! tumblr_m4izee5lz81qb1380.gif.5056c6d35e395f4c5acc1ecfaeb2895c.gif

  7. Let me know what these you would like to see for the next premade(s)!

    Thank you. tumblr_inline_p7ga3s6mUy1qid2nw_75sq.gif.c7c32c7e4351f0da634e303b850247f9.gif


  8. ♥♥ premade wip tumblr_inline_mfnjtiFsQl1qdlkyg.gif.9186c17743b680204c104557ea70ca5b.gif


  9. Hello everyone, hope you're all well. tumblr_inline_mfnjtiFsQl1qdlkyg.gif.9186c17743b680204c104557ea70ca5b.gif

    I'm back with a new premade! ♥

    Click here to see her tumblr_inline_p7ga3s6mUy1qid2nw_75sq.gif.c7c32c7e4351f0da634e303b850247f9.gif

    (Premade was already sold!)

  10. Finally back and with my computer running great again, it was scary tho :lazetears:

    Currently  working on customs! Might have a premade up later today, not sure. 

    Also, I've made an instagram that will be for personal use/art related things! Feel free to follow, will follow you aswell. Click tumblr_inline_msalr3tzfs1qz4rgp.gif.923048d995bbf0b9a8e0d27da8ab595a.gif

    AND HAPPY PRIDE MONTH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! tumblr_inline_msalre836Q1qz4rgp.gif.8e6db5a22ebf80f1e41c42d86456c1f6.gif


    1. Vickie



  11. Update regarding customs:

    My computer is slowly getting normal again, tomorrow I will have it again (it's currently at my friend's house since he's the one who is fixing it) and will work on your orders then. Will be resting my leg in this time since it's start to heal from the tattoo I got done. :bgoodjob:

  12. More wip :bgoodjob:

    (two premades will be up later today)


  13. Will be up today (I hope) :bgoodjob:


  14. One premade still available:


    You can purchase her via pm (just pm with the form found on my shop) or here:blove:

    1. Taemin


      What a beauty <3

    2. Lunna


      @Taemin thank you so much! tumblr_inline_msalriZoSZ1qz4rgp.gif.c5a5ce0ba71893814ce6aac262c72731.gif

  15. Opened a quick temp custom shop! tumblr_inline_msalre836Q1qz4rgp.gif.8e6db5a22ebf80f1e41c42d86456c1f6.gif

    This will be open until next week since it's my deadline to reach my goal.

    Come say hi and/or help me ♥


  16. tumblr_inline_msalr3tzfs1qz4rgp.gif.923048d995bbf0b9a8e0d27da8ab595a.gif 2 new premades available here:


  17. Premades will be up tomorrow since I got home later than I was supposed to due to work rip.

    Since I want to have at least two up, I decided it would be better to only post tomorrow instead of just one today.

    But here is a wip of one of them, a uni babe! tumblr_inline_msalr3tzfs1qz4rgp.gif.923048d995bbf0b9a8e0d27da8ab595a.gif


  18. Next themes of premades on my shop will be pink & blonde cuties, possible nekos aswell! :bfpervyflirt:

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    2. Nikki
    3. Emberly


      Omg yay I’ve been waiting for one

    4. Lunna


      I'm gonna try to have 1-2 premades up tomorrow by this time or later :blove:

  19. New premade available here



  20. I'm live!


  21. Will be back today if I get home with enough energy lol currently at the tattoo studio and I will be here for a few more hours. If not today, tomorrow will start working on art again! :fingerguns:

  22. Hello there. :bfpervyflirt:

    Possible art stream tomorrow! It will be just for me to practice since it has been a few weeks since I didn't do anything art related due to rl issues (still getting through it but yea). The piece(s) done in the stream may or may not be sold as premades, it will depend of the results. If everything goes well in the next days, I will be opening my custom shop again really soon aswell.

    Hope everything is alright with you guys! :blove:

    1. Krystal


      Hope everything is okay hun!💕

    2. Lunna


      @Krystal thank you so much hun! <3

  23. New premade is up for sale!  SOLD.


  24. Gonna try to have a premade up tomorrow but not sure yet tho.

    Things apparently aren't going easy as I though it would be.

    Thank you for the patiencetumblr_inline_msalre836Q1qz4rgp.gif.8e6db5a22ebf80f1e41c42d86456c1f6.gif

    (the premade will be the one from this wip)


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