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Status Updates posted by Lunna

  1. Xmas/Winter giveaway will be up somewhere this next week! Real life is messing with me so it got a bit delayed :lazetears:

  2. GASR is so pretty with all this xmas theme/colors! :phearteyes:

  3. Got my computer back finally fixed and healthy again! tumblr_inline_mueodtY8Ci1qdlkyg.gif

    Gonna work on my private orders asap (trying to finish them all by tomorrow/saturday). image

    1. Dykz


      Yay! Can’t wait to see your beautiful art. :aww:


    I can’t believe that this has been approved. So people in Europe will no longer have access to YouTube, social media and even searching images on google, the internet as we know it will no longer exist. Youtubers will have their videos blocked, a lot of artists will be affected by this. I can’t agree with this, why do something like this only in Europe? What about the rest of the world? There are a lot of copyrighted stuff but they only want to ban everything from Europe so what’s the point? I’m really mad about this whole article 13.



    Neko premade I did! I'm really proud of this one. 

    (Status: SOLD)


    Fz8k5Fx.png nQheU15.png Ai8whre.gif





    1. Dykz


      Aw! This is so cute! :cutehehehaaas:

    2. Lunna


      @Dykz thank you so much hun! <3

    3. Babydoll
  6. ♡ Great news guys!

    I do believe I found the problem for my pc freezing! It stills freezes a bit but it's way better than before, I hope that it's all fixed by tomorrow (currently working on a neko premade to see if I can use programs with no problem)!

    A big thank you to my customers for all the patience, I'll get to your orders asap!   :bthanks:

  7. I have a poll up for themes you guys would like to see me doing for my premades!


  8. Quick update regarding my private orders:

    I'm gonna take these slow because my computer keeps freezing and I need to be careful to not lose any of my work or other data. Hope you guys understand! I'm trying to fix it so I hope it ends soon. Thank you. :blove:



    This cutie is still up for sale:

    (price reduced too)



    Click here if you're interested. :bgoodjob:




    1. Dykz


      Love love love that hair!!

    2. Lunna


      Thank you! <3

  10. tumblr_inline_o9jf1jppjz1upt8h3_250.gif

    Last wip for the premade, she will be up today :bgoodjob:







    1. Lucija


      Looking good :bapplause:

    2. Lunna


      @Lucija thank you love! :blove:

  11. Happy birthday my love! (once again hehe) :ohug:

    You're the best and I love you so so so much <3

    1. Xunjo


      Thank you hun, I love you too you're the bestest ever tho! This year would be nothing without you ♥ :phearteyes:

    2. Lunna


      Indeed!!! <3


  12. Offering ANOTHER detailed repaint (you can ask whatever you want including animations) for only $6 (must pay in advance). Only one available, pm me if you want to snag it!


    CLAIMED, thank you! <3

  13. Urgent goal!

    Offering a detailed repaint (you can ask whatever you want including animations) for only $6 (must pay in advance). Only one available, pm me if you want to snag it :fingerguns:

    Claimed, THANK YOU! <3

  14. I'm too excited for the new hero Ashe from overwatch, I want her so bad omg :psobbing:

  15. Wip for a premade!

    Neko time :blove:



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lunna
    3. Lucija


      Nice, you always do very good compositions on your paintings :thumbsup::bapplause:

    4. Lunna


      Thank you hun, it means a lot and I always try really hard to improve at each piece :lazetears:

  16. Two premades are available in my shop!

    First one is sold, second is still available <3

    Will be focusing on customs for now before I do more premades.

    If you want it, just click here!


    8U8VACS.gif epFYdGS.png

  17. wip for next premade!


  18. Slots for customs on my shop are open again with some changes and added a credit option for one of the styles! (simple repaints and also doing couples for this style too) :blove:



  19. New premade is up!

    Check it here <3



  20. wip for one of the next premades to come (hope to make them available this weekend tho)




  21. Doing extra hours at work (AGAIN) for the entire week, I'm so tired lol :lazerollcry:

    1. Wrath


      Girl same. i feel you

  22. AGAIN, work took the best on me but I'll work on customs/premades in this weekend. :kittymochatchi:

  23. Offering one €5.00 simple repaint today only for the first person that is interested in (must be able to pay already).

    Pm me if you're interested! <3


    Claimed, thank you! <3

  24. Gonna try to finish a premade today! :fingerguns:

  25. New giveaway on my premade shop HERE tumblr_inline_mmzo1pS4Zo1qz4rgp.gif.623e0fc9dbb674aba834d2d1d457e2f3.gif

    Good luck!


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