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Status Updates posted by Lunna

  1. Quick updateI’m currently recovering from my back pain that started on Sunday night. I’m already medicated so all I need now is rest! Just wanted to let you guys know that replies will be slow since I’m using my phone to check gasr and anything art related will be done most likely in the weekend, I will be all good by then, hopefully! Thank you. :blove:

    1. Verixia


      Get better soon! :byaslove:

    2. Hiroki


      Get well soon! 

  2. :blove:

    New premade available here!


  3. Just a quick update about customs:

    I'll most likely open my custom shop again on 14-15th March. If not there, will open sooner but it will be still in March. Checked my schedule at work today and it's around that time that I will have more time to work on customs again + everything about health and personal life are going ok.

    Thank you! :llampret:

  4. premade wip


    1. Lunna


      wip updated!

    2. Verixia


      This is soo nice, I love red and white together :phearteyes:

    3. Lunna


      @Verixia thank you babe!

  5. Premade from the last wip is up here: click me 

  6. ♥ final wip before she's up



  7. premade wip

    probably the only one for today :bhaaa:


    1. Koya


      Omg I need this!:lazecry:

    2. Mar.vu


      i highkey want this

    3. Lunna


      My head started to hurt again and I went to rest for a bit but it’s still hurting a lot so I will finish her tomorrow after I get back from work, I’m sorry :lazetears:

  8. More premades coming out today! tumblr_m4izee5lz81qb1380.gif.983dd72d7e72a8bf0b7819c5fdf1920c.gif

  9. another wip

    this and the last one will be up tomorrow!


  10. wip for a vday premade

    Not sure if I'm gonna be able to post them today, got a little bit late at home today, rip me:lazetears:


    1. Vickie



    2. Xunjo


      Uggh this one is stunning @Lunna, love her face! I don't usually go for themes like this, but with the white fur and stuff idk. EITHER WAY GETTING ONE THIS BATCH I HOPES EEE :klove:

  11. Premades will be coming tomorrow! Gonna try to still do one today but no promises. :bgoodjob:

  12. Here's another wip!

    I'm having so much fun trying out new things :blove:

    (still not sure if I'm gonna sell this one or keep it for me tho)



    and here's the finish version of the previous wip!


  13. premade wip tumblr_m539kzlbr11qb1380.gif.fb52f845047ff591b844d55569b0cc12.gif



  14. :llampret:

    premade WIP


  15. Slowly finishing her!

    She will only be up tomorrow even if I finish her today. :bgoodjob:


    1. Wrath


      hnnngh she looks amazing uwu digging that collar and leash thing too♥, sadly i got work so imma miss another one if she gets posted xD . but im sure she will turn out more gorge than she already is!♥

  16. Gonna try my best to finish my batch today!

    But also, after this one I'm gonna work on a NEKO BATCH, who's ready for it? :psideeyes:

    I'M SORRY LOVE @Nikki:lazetears:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zaffre


      yes its so hard finding good neko dps lately 

    3. Krystal


      Hell yes to the nekos! 😍

    4. Wrath


      NEKOOOOOOS :phearteyes:

  17. It’s really sad to see that one person only comes to my art streams EVERYTIME just to see how I do stuff and trying to copy that. Not gonna mention who it is but I’m not the only one who noticed this and this is not the first, second or third time that this same person keeps trying to do this. I’m in my right to be mad and because of all of this I’m not gonna stream on twitch more of my art for now, will only do some sessions with join.me to my friends that I can trust. But thank to all of you who always keep supporting me no matter what.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sai


      Personally I don't get why people copy. The world is full of many beautiful and inspiring things, also everyone has their own perception. It's very sad when people prefer to choose someone else "preferences" than theirs.

    3. Alxi


      Sorry to hear this hun, I personally can't fathom why people are like this.

      Nothing more frustrating than a rip off of your style/process. 

      Sending lots of hugs and can't wait to see the new batch of premades soon. 


    4. Lunna


      Thanks for the words guys. It's really sad to know that are people like this in this community, due to my health I already get to unmotivated to do art and now with this I'm afraid that it will get worse. And the worst part is that this person keeps seeing my profile and even reating to my posts... Sigh.

      Anyway, this is the piece she stole some ideas/my details in my current style:


      She copied the lips (shape, color, teeth and EVEN THE BEAUTY MARK). My details on how I do the eyes and even the hairstyle but she did the hair coming on the front but in both sides. I know what I'm saying because she started doing this after my stream.

  18. I'll try to have my premade batch up tomorrow but not sure, still need to finish three!

    Maybe I'll stream them so that way I don't get too distracted LOL. :lazetears:

  19. My last wisdom tooth was giving me pain guys, so that's why I didn't stream :lazetears:

    But I'm live now!

    Tagging the people who asked: @Nikki @Latex @Wrath @Kute


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kute


      omg that's gorgeous!

    3. Playtime


      I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple days ago I feel your pain :lazerollcry:

    4. Lunna


      @Nikki more will come for sure! <3

      @Kute thank you! <3

      @Playtime they're the worst ugh :lluwotm8:



      Thank you to everyone who came to the stream! tumblr_m2zr79bPLX1qb1380.gif.e9d1e264a3e348356ee84b3030b18478.gif

  20. Art stream tomorrow guys!

    I’m too tired today and I’m going to sleep now :lazetears:

    1. Reaper


      Good night, I’m excited to see your art come to life in the stream. :klovee:

  21. Will be streaming art/LoL tomorrow! Not sure when because I still don't know if I'm going to the movies with my sister. :bgoodjob:

    1. Xunjo


      Yaaay @Lunna! :fartsies:Can't wait for your stream love I will be there! Hope it was fun with your sister, what movie did you see? :aww:

    2. Lunna


      I saw Creed 2, really good movie I enjoyed it a lot :phearteyes:

  22. Streaming!



  23. I was gonna stream today but I got home a bit late and since I started work again today I'm tired, so I'll just watch a movie in bed instead.

    BUT, stream will probably be tomorrow after I get home from work, most likely I'll be streaming premades that I want to do! :bgoodjob:

  24. tenor.gif


    Hapy new year everyone!

    May this year be better than the last. tumblr_m539kzlbr11qb1380.gif.fb52f845047ff591b844d55569b0cc12.gif

  25. I'm gonna start streaming more since I have a better connection to do it now! Yay me :bgoodjob:

    You can always go there when I'm online, I'll probably post here when I stream art related stuff. I'll stream games and art for the forum here!

    My stream is still under construction but every support & love will keep me motivated, thank you. tumblr_m539kzlbr11qb1380.gif.fb52f845047ff591b844d55569b0cc12.gif

    Here's my stream:




    1. Vickie


      love the kda ahri background!! will u stream league?

    2. Lunna

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