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  1. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    Thanks :) So happy with it!
  2. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    Remove the heart btw xD SOrry!
  3. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    Love it :D Thanks!
  4. KO KO BOP

    Form: Single DP ( Long light blonde hair, pink lipstick, pink top/bra. Big tits (Not huge) Long lashes. Text: Lollip0p Screen: *not required*: Can you make her pretty without screenie? Extra: Can you do animations? Price: 15k
  5. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    Okay. Well... They haven't read my case yet... So i dunno when i can pay for it... :(
  6. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    I just wanted to see it.
  7. .:M O N O C H R O M E:. - [1/3]

    Sorry for this, but i have to pass :( I have no credits left. Sell it as a premade or something. Sorry again :(
  8. .:M O N O C H R O M E:. - [1/3]

    Imvu won't let me do that :(
  9. m i n i c a r p Temp Goal Shop

    Username: Lollip0p Text: Lollip0p Screenie/Refrence: Blond long hair (Light blonde) Pink lipstick, pink top or bra. Long lashes. Big tits (Not huge) Animation: Can you do blinking eyes? Price: 25k
  10. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    Yeah. Hopefully.
  11. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    And i can't live chat. I'm not VIP...
  12. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    I did fill out a help ticket. How do i know when they read it? Can take a few days or?
  13. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    Can you btw add a little heart beside in the backround? A red one.
  14. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    And i don't have money left irl now to buy to your accoint either. Only IMVU credits on my account.
  15. Vaporous Illusions [Open]

    Gaaaah. This makes me frustrated.....

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