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  1. vhssu

    GASR Premade Market

  2. Commissions open!

    + new premade drawing

    Vhssu by gothgirlfriend

  3. vhssu

    GASR Premade Market

    I'm selling: Drawing + dp Preview: Price: $30 Status: Available Has it been 24 hours since you last posted here? Yes Do you have a premade shop? No
  4. ♡ W E L C O M E! ♡ ♡ YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT... 1. you cannot use my artwork without my permission 2. you cannot ask me to draw nsfw or anything racist, homophobic or sexist in this shop 3. i do not accept drawing anything that promotes eating disorders, mental issues, daddy issues, self-harm, it's against my principles 4. you must pay full price BEFORE you receive the artwork. if you're that sceptical, you can send me half after you get the first WIP and half after you get the finished watermarked piece. 5. you must pay via paypal. i work by invoices so please leave the correct e-mail adress in your form 6. a DP takes anything from 3 to 6 working days. MY WORKING DAYS ARE - Saturday - Sunday - MONDAY OFF - Tuesday - WEDNESDAY OFF - Thursday - Friday (this being because of my busy college schedule) 7. you will receive at least 2 WIPS that i expect reviews and comments on. the more you engage, the better the result. ♡ EXAMPLES ♡ coming soon ♡ PRICES ♡ 1. ONE DISPLAY PICTURE 10 USD 2. + ONE CHARACTER (COUPLES) 20 USD 3. EXTRAS (PETS, COMPLICATED POSES, COMPLICATED BACKGROUND ETC) 5 USD 4. ANIMATION (BLINKING, BLUSHY CHEEKS, SPARKLES, WINKING, LAUGHING...WHATEVS, BUT NOTHING VERY COMPLICATED) 3 USD ♡ FORM♡
  5. vhssu

    i wanna draw cuties

    bump, imma try some more of these
  6. vhssu

    GASR Premade Market

    I'm selling: Headshot / dp Preview: Price: $25 Status: Available Has it been 24 hours since you last posted here? Yes Do you have a premade shop? No
  7. vhssu


  8. vhssu

    Little Devil

    oh my god i remember u posted the lineart for this u made it so PINK AND BEAUTIFUL
  9. vhssu

    BustCommission - Forest

    this is amazing i love this !!!
  10. new premade available

    this is what the kids call





  11. vhssu


  12. okay but why wont my profile video show??????????????????


    1. Vaixe


      That's weird, what code did you put in? :imath:

    2. Alismora


      (It shows you what your link is supposed to look like in the info.)

    3. vhssu


      thank you it seems like it was because i lack brain cells i fixed the code and now it worked ahah 

  13. vhssu


  14. vhssu

    i wanna draw cuties

    @Sqits she really does look like a pony to me or an elfen lied character
  15. vhssu

    i wanna draw cuties

    i'm so happy this was free lol i really can't draw properly anymore oh well back 2 practice, hope you don't hate it! @Piglette

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