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  1. finally can draw againnnnn :lazeflirt:

  2. i binged on candy again while drawing but its ok i love myself anyway

  3. vhssu


    $12 premade
  4. would you guys buy chibi adoptables?? i'm thinkin' of making a batch but i dunno if people on GASR are interested in them


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    2. LadyRaven


      :icry:I want to order a custom chibi from you...^^:klovee:

      when you do...keep my oc in mind pls and tag me so I can snatch it up before some one else does!!!

    3. vhssu


      @LadyRaven i'm going to finish a chibi premade today!! i closed my commission shop though.

      buuuut you can PM me for a private custom maybee if you fancy my chibi style <3

    4. LadyRaven


      yuuuuussshhhh!!! ^^ :idancefroggu:


  5. i finally made a premade shop after recently abusing the premade market!


    first customer gets 25% off because i love u <3

  6. vhssu

    Elf Gem Princess

    so pretty !!
  7. vhssuuu.gif.801f5daad8f94cc29f1a03b624038a9c.gif

    she's pink and $12

    1. Kyo


      This dp is so gorgeous! :klove:

    2. vhssu



      thank you honey!! :keyes:

  8. since i rejoined gasr -

    spent time learning how to customize shops  - yes

    spent time doing actual work and earning money - no 

  9. drawing girls is such a big energy

  10. vhssu


    adorable <3
  11. vhssu


    commission @hholke

    © vhssu

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