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  1. vhssu

    GASR Premade Market

    I'm selling: Headshot / dp Preview: Price: $25 Status: Available Has it been 24 hours since you last posted here? Yes Do you have a premade shop? No
  2. vhssu


  3. vhssu

    Little Devil

    oh my god i remember u posted the lineart for this u made it so PINK AND BEAUTIFUL
  4. vhssu

    BustCommission - Forest

    this is amazing i love this !!!
  5. new premade available

    this is what the kids call





  6. vhssu


  7. is this still open? i love ur ocs and i'm probably draw one of them anyway lol bc they're gorgeous here r some examples u can pyp i reaaaaally don't mind
  8. okay but why wont my profile video show??????????????????


    1. Vaixe


      That's weird, what code did you put in? :imath:

    2. Alismora


      (It shows you what your link is supposed to look like in the info.)

    3. vhssu


      thank you it seems like it was because i lack brain cells i fixed the code and now it worked ahah 

  9. vhssu


  10. vhssu

    i wanna draw cuties

    @Sqits she really does look like a pony to me or an elfen lied character
  11. vhssu

    i wanna draw cuties

    i'm so happy this was free lol i really can't draw properly anymore oh well back 2 practice, hope you don't hate it! @Piglette
  12. guyss, does anyone know any trick to resize dps (from the size you work on to the dp size) without losing too much quality??

    i feel like i'm losing all the details when i resize and it's driving me insane

    thank u

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ivyx


      I was in a rush earlier today but Hope put it beautifully. 320x440, 480x660, and so on are best for making big art that can be resized to a DP without losing quality.

      Also when you size down I recommend perhaps touching up some of the tinier details using the pixel brush you see a lot of artists use. just tiny dots here and there to enhance features like eye reflections, jewelry parts, etc that may be slightly fuzzy upon sizing down. ^^

      hope this extra tidbit also helps!

    3. vhssu


      @Ivyx @Hope @Elsen ahhh thank you so, so, so much! i used to use the sharpen tool in my drawings and i completely forgot about it, this was so helpful. i forgot a lot of stuff since i haven't been drawing lately :lazeroll:

      I really really appreciate it thank you everyone!


    4. Ivyx


      Yw! Happy to help :bgoodjob:

  13. vhssu

    Premade 26

  14. vhssu

    i wanna draw cuties

    thank you everyone for your interest and kind words! i'll be starting checking stuff out right now and get back when i have some work done, you may keep posting forms if you'd like. there are so many pretty ocs i want to draw already!!
  15. vhssu

    i wanna draw cuties

    hi!! it's been a while i kinda haven't drawn in ages and i feel like i don't really...have a style anymore? so i would really appreciate if you let me draw your beautiful ocs in any style i prefer, it will probably be anime - semi realism and you can expect anything from a full-body to a dp, depends how your character inspires me. some oooooooooooooold examples can be found in spoiler please give me a few refs of your oc and some info about their personality aaaand wish me luck!!

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