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  1. @Hauntings Sure thing !
  2. Would love to give this a go ! my busts are 30$ ( +15$ for couples )
  3. Would love to give this a go ! my busts are 30$ ( +15$ for couples )
  4. @Flap Some wips i worked on !! Hope you love it so faar ! this is probably the most detailed bust ive ever drawn Tell me if theres things you want changed ! You can send 30$ to hazelkristine@gmail.com if youve approved the sketch ! lovelots ~ ! EDIT : Happy new year !!
  5. @Flap thats totally fine without the fees ! would love to draw adalynn !
  6. ♥ FORM ♥ I want to draw: Vamp , Adalynn Examples: Price(s): 30$ [Removed by Staff] ( +7$ for blinking animation , +23$ for couples ; optional ) Staff Edit: You cannot ask buyers to pay your seller fees via PayPal. It is against TOS and can lead to a $2,000 fine if reported. Those fees are your responsibility for using paypal. @Potatokun
  7. @Saemin Some wips ! Made for fox oc sorry for the late wip ! i just saw that you tagged me a few days ago ;-; tell me if theres things you want changed ! if theres no changes , you can send 37$ + fees to hazelkristine@gmail.com Sending more wips soon !
  8. ⭐ I want draw your Oc(s): Snow Queen , Bad Geisha , Space fox ⭐ Examples of my artwork: ⭐ My conditions: payment is sent once sketch has been approved ⭐ My price(s): 30$ ( +7$ for blinking animation , +23$ for couples // optional )
  9. Hi ! Sorry for the late commission procedure ! i just have so much commissions on my hands that i started first ! i promise to start as soon as possible  ! ily so much thank you for waiting , just wanna update you cause you might think i vanished xd


    1. Lishie


      No worries darling  :cutehehehaaas: I'm patient!! Take all the time you need

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