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  1. Muji


    nvm sorry
  2. Muji

    CARTOON / PIXELS DPS! 1 slot

    ocs/ref (must be already drawn out or in avatar form: gloome DP Style: Pixel name on dp: Muji Payment amount & type: paypal 13+tip!! you can choose the pose and outfit or do whatever you like :D as long as she is cute and pastel! please add all the gifs too, if possible. i will tip more.
  3. form: Badge or DP or Adopt: dp Premade number: 5 Payment(da points or paypal: paypal Name(If Dp): Muji
  4. Muji

    CARTOON / PIXELS DPS! 1 slot

    Sent 15 to you love!! Thank you for accepting!! 🥰
  5. Muji

    CARTOON / PIXELS DPS! 1 slot

    ocs/ref (must be already drawn out or in avatar form: xx DP Style: pixel or dreamy <3 name on dp: Muji Payment amount & type: paypal 10-13 + tip!
  6. is #7 bought already? she is so cute ;-;
  7. Muji

    Y0UI's ll [2/6] Slot

    @Y0UI yaaaas she is super cute! i love her :D her little nose is the cutest thing ever!!
  8. Muji

    Y0UI's ll [2/6] Slot

    @Y0UI aaah she is so cute! Could you make her eyes bigger so she looks more innocent and doll like? Other than that she is perfect and the cutest little thing ever!
  9. Muji

    Y0UI's ll [2/6] Slot

    @Y0UI yes like this style here! :D
  10. Muji

    Y0UI's ll [2/6] Slot

    Reference : xx Background idea : in refs, something bloodyish? the blood can be red or dark pink :D Face Type (cute or mature) : cute anime style Expression : neutral, a little pouty, just something cute Pose : in refs, hand stroking her head or cheek Text : Muji and one with Lilly please! Animation : hand stroking her, blinking, sparkles or hearts floating :D Price : 56+ tip Note : i purged my discord friends and i lost you im sorry!! my discord is waifu#0580 if you want to add me again :3
  11. Muji

    First Impressions

    such an organised profile and cute af signature *wishes i could be that organised*
  12. 1. Premade name: pink mono 2. Text: Muji 3. Paypal adress: muji.imvu@yahoo.com
  13. Muji

    UGH... [ 0 Available ]

    @Crima please do a puppy girl premade omg ;-; these nekos are so cute

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