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  1. ◤ G H O S T ◢ 10/10 FULL ♥

    @Ayumi Surprise me! I trust your skills and I'm sure everything, and anything you draw will be a stunner!
  2. ◤ G H O S T ◢ 10/10 FULL ♥

    Style : Semi realism or detailed anime, or soft anime, whatever you prefer. References : Cyclopsia or Zombae Text : Muji Animations (optional) : Your choice! Price : Whatever you feel is necessary Email (can be pm'd) : corruptunknown@yahoo.com Extra: If you are choosing Zombae, she has like.. frankenstein skin, where it goes across her face diagonally and one part is a light blue, or something, and on her arms as well. I'll find the references and add them to the stash once I can! :3
  3. ◤ G H O S T ◢ 10/10 FULL ♥

    @Ayumi Bribe or normal?
  4. Small canvas animated Reference : beep her skin is fairly pale, but not suuuuper pale . Just.. a nice glow. Her lips should be a cute pink, and her tongue should have a piercing in the middle just above the split. Background idea : Anything that you think looks cute. Face Type (cute or mature) : Cute! Expression : In stash Pose : In stash Text : one with Muji and one with Lilly Animation : Blinking, eye twinkles, maybe? and a love heart in a speech bubble next to her head. the heart should be throbbing hehe Price : Please let me know Note : Could I please have jpg files of the crops, too? Without the animation? if it's too much trouble, I understand. I'd just like to be able to make the art as my pictures on kik and discord and stuff without having to crop the big jpg version to size myself :3
  5. (0) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    @Deth @Morvium thank you both! Sorry for the delay; it’s Pancake Tuesday here! So I was cooking lots of pancakes for tea time. xD money has been sent though! <3
  6. (0) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    Premade: Valerie Changes: (If applicable) Watermark: Muji (one with Lilly) Text: Muji (one with Lilly) Price: lemme know bb!
  7. (0) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    @Deth Take your time, doll, money has been sent :D
  8. (0) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    Premade: Mina Changes: (If applicable) Watermark: Muji (and one with Lilly) Text: Muji (and one with Lilly) Price: 25 or more Lemme know if it's possible. <3 ;u;
  9. Feelings Thread

    some days im the guy dancing and some days im the one with the cups. today im the one with the cups i just dont know whats going on anymore and i think im ok with it because life is one helluva rollercoaster so ima just wear my cups on my eyes and ears and let life do what it do
  10. ♦ CAT MOB ♦ - [2 premades]

    Yeah! Beautiful! Thank you dear <3 @Deli
  11. ♦ CAT MOB ♦ - [2 premades]

    @Deli Money has been sent with a note! thank you for accepting!! <3
  12. ♦ CAT MOB ♦ - [2 premades]

    Can’t copy the form on my phone ;-; can I get red demon? With these changes: black hair and horns matching her skin? I’ll pay $10-15 or more if necessary text: Muji
  13. Omg what a stunner! I love the way you coloured her hair! I love everything about her! Money has been sent with a note! My email address is corruptunknown@yahoo.com
  14. Serendipity - 2 - ANNOUNCEMENT LAST PAGE

    Aww, you go girls! It always makes me happy to see things like this. @Sadistic @Reside
  15. @Sorcelly he’s s mixture between a Labrador and an English springer spaniel. So he’s a Springador! (or a labradinger) he’s really sweet and gentle around kids, and has awesome temperament. But he’s excited and springy and has slightly curly short hair on his body, too! He’s a perfect mix between the two and just the cutest little nugget ever.

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