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  1. Muji

    UGH... [ 1 Available ]

    @Crima please do a puppy girl premade omg ;-; these nekos are so cute
  2. Muji

    Y0UI's ll [1/6] Slot

    @Y0UI im doing just fine, lovely! ive been trying to save up to move to america with my husband but ive missed your art too much, i need to spoil myself hehe and how are you doing lately? did you celebrate halloween? i ate all the candy for myself hehehehe and i need to actually make an OC first, i have none atm LOL but ill get one and give you all my monies!
  3. Muji

    Y0UI's ll [1/6] Slot

    @Y0UI your art just keeps getting better and better, my heart cant take it. i was wondering, would i be able to request an anime-style order from you? rather than your usual semi-realism? your last two premades that were anime-style were just too stinking cute!!
  4. Muji

    UGH... [ 1 Available ]

    @Crima money has been sent! :3
  5. Muji

    UGH... [ 1 Available ]

  6. @Adorelee money has been sent! sorry i took so long to reply; i was travelling cross country
  7. Badge or DP: dp Premade number: #2 (the gothicy one) Payment(da points or paypal: paypal Name(If Dp): Muji (watermark Muji) Add ons: none
  8. Muji

    ✿ cιтy ғaιry ✿ (5 new)

    @Precures sent with a note ^^
  9. Muji

    ✿ cιтy ғaιry ✿ (5 new)

    @Precures Text: Muji Watermark: Muji Premade/Adopt name: Mouth Price: 7
  10. Muji

    ◤ G H O S T ◢ temp closed

    @Ayumi ahh she’s so cute! But her little cloak thing is green and a dinosaur instead xD I’m sorry for the inconvenience! And maybe cute hair ties in her hair would work! You decide <3
  11. Muji


    @Tao I know i posted your your art in a discord saying how beautiful it was and I was gonna but it but I guess she beat me to it. GASR is a war zone sometimes. *vietnam flashbacks*
  12. Muji


    Premade : thesiren Name on premade (ONLY ONE) : Muji Watermark of your name (yes/no) : yes Email (here or pm) : corruptunknown@yahoo.com Total : 60 usd could i I make her into an OC? With the proper credit ofc? She’s gorgeous and would love more art of her
  13. Muji

    goth girlfriend. PP Premades! [1]

    Oh nice!! I sent the monies 😄 Text: Muji
  14. Muji

    goth girlfriend. PP Premades! [1]

    @Neuli If I buy third eye, can I make her into an OC? @Xunjo you are just the biggest angel ever wtf thank you so much!!
  15. Muji

    goth girlfriend. PP Premades! [1]

    Oh no I really wanted that 3rd eye premade. ;v; Grats in snagging her tho! @Xunjo

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