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  1. I had already put in my order forum! Thank you
  2. @Ukie not to sound rude but I placed an order before them....
  3. I will wait as long as i need to c: !
  4. heres my order, i am willing to wait more just want mine done by you already :( i finally got the money
  5. I had already put my order in and have been waiting for slots to reopen can i still get mine done @Ukie
  6. They said slots were open?
  7. Reballious

    Goth DP Credits

    i love your work, how long would you take i'd like to put in an order
  8. Reballious

    ◤ G H O S T ◢ temp closed

    Accepting credits?
  9. Yes me and Ukie already talked and I filled out a premade fourm already for it! I was away and didn't have the change to respond until now. @Wimps
  10. How much credits would CT #07 be? I'm interested in buying! I want her beanie to be a greyish color, with her hair to be a pinkish color like ( http://prntscr.com/k6c72i ) this! i want her eyes to be a light green, and her sweater to be grey fading into white, id love for her eye makeup to be a little more light ( nude, tan, pinkish color ) with a nude, or brown lipstick. on CT #14 the women has sparkles on her cheeks is there a way you can add that on her cheeks as well? with a pastel color pattern. watermark & text would be Ashley @Ukie
  11. How much in credits hun? c:
  12. @Ukie since premade Ct #07 is crazy things may I pay in credits?
  13. @Ukie I'll send it shortly! Just waiting for him to pop online, I want kind of a girly look, maybe black, or a greyish hair color with colorful clothes, purple, teal, and pastel colors that you think would look good!

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