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I am Grace (AKA Meng/Mon), a professional comic nerd and in too many fandoms

I am rather shy but extremely friendly <3


Though I am rather quiet, I do love meeting new people and making friends 

I probably post too much for my own good

spend too much money that I don't have on here

I also have a bad obsession with figurines, posters and comics



I love art, animals, and bread. I own two puppies of my own

- Black is my life colour

- I have a love obsession with Jason Voorhees tbh

- I also love video games, but usually watch people play them on youtube

a few favourites: Rainbow 6 siege, We Happy Few, Outlast, God of War, Detroit: Become human, Red Dead, resident evil


I love to chat, but anxiety kind of has a hold of my life. 

Feel free to follow me on any of my links!


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