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About Me


Hello and welcome to my home page! My name is Isabelle and I’m a Gemini from Australia though I moved to The U.S in 2017 and currently live in Ohio with my husband. I spend most of my time drawing and I hope you enjoy my art. I have a premade shop that I try and post a few pieces a week.


Commissions for February are closed. Pm me if you would like to be added to my wait list for March :byaslove:

Commission Information:




I do commissions via private order, please PM your form to me if you would like to order a custom piece from me. Please be aware of my rules before you order. All my art is drawn from scratch


  • Bust up: Includes 320px x 440px with dp crops. $30

  • Waist up: Includes 320 px x 440px with dp crops. $35

  • Knee up: Includes 480 px x 660px with dp crops. $45

  • Full body: Includes 800 px x 1100px with dp crops $60

  • Extras: small animal + $3 Large animal + $5

  • Complex background + $3 for bust and waist up. + $5 for knee up and full body.

  • Couples are double


All art includes any animations you would like that I’m capable of doing, keeping in mind the imvu kbs limit.



  • All payment is via paypal invoice.

  • No refunds once I start

  • Half must be paid before I start your order.

  • Once I complete your order please pay within 48hrs

  • If payment is not made I will make some changes and sell it as a premade, so please keep this in mind.

  • If you fail to make final payment once I complete your order I will not refund upfront payment so please only order if you can definitely pay.

  • No tracing, reselling, copying etc.

  • All GASR terms and conditions apply.

  • I will not do a custom if you only give me one reference. Please give me multiple references for your order.

  • Each DP is for ONE individual only. This means  you cannot decide later on that you want to gift the art for someone else to use.

  • You may order art for a friend as a gift but again it’s only for one person to use, which would be the person it was ordered for.

  • No trading or swapping art I made for you, it is for your personal use.

  • I do use art I make to show as examples, though it will always be watermarked.

  • I won’t do textless, though you can request your art without a watermark though keep in mind there is a high chance of art theft in this case.



Type of dp:





Read and accepted my rules?:



















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