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  1. Verixia


    Premade Available through the Halloween Auction!
  2. Verixia


    Premade Available through the Halloween Auction!
  3. Verixia

    [2018] Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    If it is not too late I would like to participate. :)
  4. Verixia

    Galaxy Forest

    Okay great! I should have a wip for you Sunday. Thanks for accepting!
  5. Verixia

    draw my oc? owo (closed for now)

    Hello, I would love to draw your OC. Art is from scratch and the price is $15 for dp sized art this includes 2 basic animations (blinking/smile/glowing eye/glowing background/sparkles) examples: Thanks for considering!
  6. Hello lovelies,

    I'm still on hiatus for another 1-2 weeks but in the meantime I have these premades discounted in my Shop and also these Halloween emojis are just great :pumkinitipleloop::Ghostiesayurihime7::kittymochatchi:



    1. Artemas


      Love them all

    2. Verixia


      Thank you !

  7. I still have these premades available :cutehehehaaas: I won't be very active if at all for the next month since my husband and I are in the process of buying a house so there is a lot to do plus packing and moving. :lazerollcry:


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    2. Verixia


      @Vaixe thank you! I will be glad when we are moved in and I get back to my usual schedule

    3. Vaixe


      @Verixia might be tough now but imagine how nice it will be to go back to your schedule in a new cozy home :walove:

    4. Verixia


      @Vaixe Very true! Definitely something to look forward to. :llsqueeze:

  8. Verixia

    Nyssa (premade)

    Thank you bb!
  9. Verixia

    Reaper (Premade)

    Thank you !
  10. Verixia

    ♥Draw my bbs♥

    Hi hun, I would love to draw any one of your oc's again! Price for dp sized $15 includes 2 standard animations more then 2 or complex animations is an additional $3 if you wqant larger canvas 480 x 660 the base price is $22 and he animation add on is the same. Examples main style: newer experimental style: Thanks for considering!
  11. Verixia

    Nyssa (premade)

    Thank you!
  12. Verixia

    Nyssa (premade)

    Available in my shop
  13. New premade available Here :cutehehehaaas:


  14. Verixia

    Art trade for Darksiders

    Oc belongs to @Darksiders

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