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About kojo

  • Birthday 11/14/1996


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    Pixel Artist

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  1. kojo

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    I feel like im always late to things ;w; but Showing off my demi pride ♥
  2. kojo

    Need a topic locked or deleted?

    Lock please,Thank you in advance.
  3. kojo

    Drifting Away [ 0 ]

    Deadly Love - SOLD ~
  4. kojo

    Drifting Away [ 0 ]

    Price lowered on Deadly Love! Also didnt notice it said $60 before!!! OMG no fecking way x_x
  5. kojo

    Drifting Away [ 0 ]

    I look forward to your return!
  6. kojo

    Drifting Away [ 0 ]

    Smol bump + things are on sale!
  7. kojo

    Need a topic locked or deleted?

    delete please and thank you ;w ;
  8. kojo

    Drifting Away [ 0 ]

    Shop's look is updated c; Heckin fancy now thanks to @Luxor's premade table hnnngg♥
  9. kojo

    (0) | † 666 AVENUE † |

    Squeee tysm! Payment was sent ^^
  10. kojo

    (0) | † 666 AVENUE † |

    Premade: Nebula Changes: - Watermark: Kojo Text: Kayluv Price: $30
  11. ▲ FORM ▲ ▲ Premade: Adopt Bubblegum ▲ Text: Kojo ▲ Extras: - ▲ Total: $45 ▲ Paypal email: cutiekayluv@gmail.com //sobs just saw Buni wanted her ;c lemme know if she is still avail!
  12. kojo

    ✧ Sophistique; WE'RE OPEN!

    This is the kinda shop I live for 8'] I shall be back for you all! Goodluck my bootiful babes even tho you guys dont need it ! ♥♥
  13. @Kamlin All saved bb! Tysm ;w; ♥

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