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  • Birthday 06/24/1998

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  1. I need your art in my life. • Type: Single • Text: Etsuyo • Watermark: Etsuyo • References: Boop • Background: In Refs(Is it complex?) • Add-Ons: Blinking, Eye sparkle, Blushing. • Total Price: 34 • Extra:
  2. Etsuyo

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    EEEE, too cute. thank you so much love.
  3. Etsuyo

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    That’s okay! Is it possible to get a little overwatch icon on the sweater or top right corner then? If not then that’s alright, just go ahead and finish it. It’s looking great thanks so much!
  4. Etsuyo

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    Thank you! Sent~
  5. Etsuyo

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    FORM *What I want: Anime Pixel Single *Name On Dp: Etsuyo *Who it is: Mee~ *Personality/Expression/Emotion: Cat lover, usually happy and optimistic very giggly and always smiling, and loves pastels. *Extra: A cat if you can and that will be a prop? Blinking and my own cat ears moving. Price: $31 (if included the cat, $28 if not)
  6. Hey there and welcome to GASR!  If you ever need assistance, please don't hesitate to use the options sent to you via PM!  The current staff list can be found here.   :byaslove:

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