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       Hi! I'm Cristina, short Cris/Chris. I've been around GASR back from the days when GASR used to be on IMVU forums... And guess I never really go away (for too long). Maybe you do remember somebody named Sxett@IMVU, or maybe you do remember my super noob-ish skins (god, I'm having a laugh!). 

       I have tried all sorts of doings, from art to developing items, and my specialty is, of course, a little bit from everywhere!

Nowadays I'm studying Fashion Design at a local university, hoping someday I get to schoolarship abroad.




     Here I am, navigating this bright, shiny and contemporary GASR, enhanced by many great artists! As much as it inspires me, it frightens me (because who'd buy my art now? ugh?). No worries, I won't take much of a space anyway!

     Perhaps I would befriend you, yet most likely we never get to talk... Because:

     I am a freelancer. Long-story-short, this is what I am. I never gotten around a fully composed and structured store, because I get distracted easily, and I'm impatient. Definitely not the best kind of "artist".

     I do arrive via PM whenever somebody is looking for specific art. It's easier this way. I do enjoy 1-to-1 jobs and tasks. It brings me closer to your wants and needs! 

     I will pop-up doing customs from time-to-time! Temporary, of course...



     You are most likely to find me via PMI am responsive to every type of question. Just go ahead and ask!



     Thank you for taking the time to read so far! 

     You are loved and appreciated,

     Don't forget to bloom!

 Cris xx


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