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  1. @Padayon That's perfect, and for the background, I actually like the blue color, but can you add some little white clouds so it kind of looks like a blue sky? And for the text could you do Cade + Chrissy?
  2. @Padayon I love it so much, it's totally adorable! Could you make the guys eyes darker brown and I think I put in the form for the guys hair to be black, so could you make his hair and eyebrows black? Could you make the girls eyes just a little darker? Like a shade darker and could you make the eyebrows a little bit of a darker pink so they can be seen a little more?
  3. @Padayon OMG that's so perfect, it's adorable. I love it! I'll go ahead and send payment now if that's alright.
  4. @Padayon Yeah, dp size is fine. Thank you so much!
  5. Style: Current style?Single/Couple: CoupleDP/Portrait: Is portrait just a bigger version? If so what's the price for portrait?OC, References: N/A Eye Color: Girl:Female eye color Guy: Medium or Dark Brown Hair Color: Girl: Girl hair color and style ref Guy: Black Hairstyle: See above for the girl, for the guy just follow skin tone ref 1, but add a little more hair coming over his forehead. Skin tone: Skin tone ref 1 Skin tone ref 2 Skin tone ref 3 The guys skin tone is pretty straight forward, just follow the guys skin tone in skin tone ref 1. I gave multiple refs from some of my custom dp's for the girls skin tone. Skin ref 3 and 1 are probably more of what I'm looking for as far as the female goes. Expression: Girl:I want the girl to be sticking her tongue out like in Skin tone ref 2 Guy: I want the guy to be smiling Pose: Girl: I would like the pose to be like the one in Skin tone ref 1, but I want the girl to be sticking her tongue out and holding a teddy bear. Guy: I would like the guy to be posed like the male in Skin tone ref 1 Background Idea: Not sure yet Clothes: Girl: Female shirt ref I would like it to say "Brat" instead of what's on there currently, but I would like to keep the little silver heart things on there. I would also like a little Sagittarius symbol under the word brat. Skin tone ref 2 shows how I would like the word brat and the Sagittarius sign to be, but follow the female shirt ref. Guy: Male shirt ref I want the guys shirt to be exactly like in the male shirt ref, with the "daddy bear" text and the little bear image above it. Accessories/Special features: I would like for the girl to be wearing a white lace choker like in skin tone ref 2 and also holding a white teddy bear like in skin tone ref 2. I would like for both of us to have the little matching tattoos that we have on our neck in skin tone ref 1, but I want the females to be pink. I would also like the girl to have a septum ring. Septum ring ref (click) Text: Chrissy for the girl and Cade for the guyText Color: Not sure yet

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