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  1. MESK : Premade Shop 1 Premade up!

  2. IRONY Premades [OPEN]

  3. IRONY Premades [OPEN]

    I'm so sorry I didn't see you tag me Form: N° + name of the premade: Reserved Babe? Price: 20$ Your name: Nox ( Please watermark the piece with Noxey )
  4. ~ IronyBLUEGOAT SHOP [OPEN] ~

    @IronyBLUEGOAT Please tag me when I'm able to purchase the Dp hun!
  5. ♡ L Y O N 06:26 ♡ [4/4]

    @Zyra Sorry for the stupid question, but were you the one who created your current Dp? I'm on mobile and have yet to find the way to view the name of the artist.
  6. MESK: Custom Dp Shop OPEN! Slot Full!

    I'd love to order, but most of your images aren't showing up..
  7. ✧DURIAN SORBET✧ [4]

    Following this shop
  8. @Luneartic What are you and aren't you comfortable doing?
  9. [2018] Zodiac Celebration

    Okay this may seem like a really silly question, but what's a Pablob?
  10. Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone! I'm currently unable to get to a computer so if one of the mods could choose for me, I would really appreciate it!!
  11. New GASR Moderators


    SunGod is so pretty (┳Д┳)
  13. Taking a bit of a hiatus.


  14. Feelings Thread

    So tired and drained..

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