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female - 22 - western canada

hello, my name is mei, but I also go by the name Cherub

I study art and enjoy gardening in my spare time

I love all things sweet, and soulful. The earth is bountiful, and so are we

I like everything, I like everyone, and I hope you feel welcome, always

My favorite things to do are paint, laugh, and adventure

And I think adventures are better spent together

I enjoy meeting people, sharing experiences, and honoring each other

Unfortunately, I struggle greatly with memory

I'm deeply sorry in advance for any limitations or delays this might cause

but I  always hope to make you happy with my dedication and maximum effort!

I welcome ideas and friends, and I appreciate and thank you for viewing my work and supporting me

I hope to grow with everyone, and create better content everyday

Take care of yourself, and I wouldn't mind hearing from ya!







 - cupcakes, tarts, and icecream

- iridescence and rainbows

- culture (food,celebration, and dance)

- nature, gardening, & animals

- animated movies (pixar,dreamworks,ghibli)

- video games (skyrim,farming sims,league)

- books like hunger games, harry potter, life of pi, and the hobbit

- shounen friendship animes (MHA, DBS)

- the office



- bad news

- artblock

- arguing/aggression

- smelly smells



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