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    I love Yoongi <3
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H i t o m u   >  H o s e o k  

MCluceMIev98MPLbPFFURuoOug9W0aZvG_ZwtzAjqVMl-5GRIJlMhjTL9aiTDsyy0YtyDQEW4pIHkqH18bXArgAhzOtUOn98s93LozvSA0nkYEQwHRDjYpnxgkIOiQOuw7khwWN_                   SCJYJCGF3P8Y52wWPIJPE9C2zPyox_ngQqduToF5xfHupLSdQryDMU1Xga6JCouww4QHmbYLCeOiBB0v2cYHkwdSIrygjJePq21_v4l7TTCPXK7UI0Ii8ssr2zKShqvDGUbVJD1A                          Gdw8gfXfUpWRsN6lrbuSDjlwTdl-unl3OGHsL29cLB-7fmo6_i_WDO24a3_OFBQ8Cpc8HA-yJEGYhnwMzVBY0iuzYPDqUs5Sm3WDGPbIGpWxvlDsfAEvzQim0f1__-iNvoryIJTG

Dp B y @Ayumi 

2 2 / G e m i ni / T a k e n ❥

A b o u t  M i

My real name is Stephany but I prefer to go by Belle

I'm from and live in California

I suffer from depression, and anxiety,

I am Bisexual

I love kpop / BTS

I'm an art whore

I'm in love with Itachi Uchiha

I’m a brat and hard headed

M y P l a t o n i c S o u l m a t e



R i n ❥ @Taehyung


❥ T h a n k Y o u F o r P a s s i n g B y ❥

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