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  1. Martinus' Custom Shop [3/5 slots taken] OPEN

    Thank you! Looking forward to it!!! @Lazy Here's a WIP of your forest-child! Had inspiration for her so started straight away. Let me know what you think!
  2. Martinus' Custom Shop [3/5 slots taken] OPEN

    Accepted! Will do my best with her I love painting everything naturey.
  3. Martinus' Pre-premade shop. [6 available]

    ^ Oh dear... Stop LOL. Premade 'Solaria' is now up! Premades 'Aloha There', 'Horned', 'Prom Queen', 'Divine ' and 'Blaze' will all be on discount until the 26th of February. This is your last week to purchase any of them, they will no longer be available for purchase after that!
  4. Martinus' Pre-premade shop. [6 available]

    Received!! Thank you very much. Will PM you the files in a bit!
  5. Martinus' Pre-premade shop. [6 available]

    @Yimu Thank you so much for purchasing so quickly hehe. Will ready the files and send them to you after I receive the payment. I'll put both Erica and Statuette (seperately) on the DP for you.
  6. Martinus' Pre-premade shop. [6 available]

    Premade 'Linnea' has been added to the first post! I was doing a little bit of practice for a more cute face and liked her so much that I decided to animate her as well. Hope you like her as much as I do. @Ayumi thank you so much. <3 @Sadistic glad you like him hehe. More like him will come up eventually, female versions too!
  7. Martinus' Custom Shop [3/5 slots taken] OPEN

    Accepted! Thank you so much Kat. I updated the rules for less confusion, so 45$ is perfectly fine. Also for everybody else, I updated the rules: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Portrait commissions (Portrait + animated DP) added for 35USD. - The price for a half-body artwork is going to be 45USD or higher. But a blink and two additional animations of choice for the DP is included in the 45USD. Any additional animation/FX next to these will cost 2+ each. - Payment & proof will be send after the first colour-sketch. This is to avoid confusion in later stages, I need to settle with a moment that payment can be send for better structure and a better overview. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hoping to draw lots of your lovely OC's guys! Thank you so much for reading and the interest.
  8. Martinus' Custom Shop [3/5 slots taken] OPEN

    Finished Oia, @Katnipxo's beautiful OC. Thank you so much Kat! Hopefully you'll commission me soon again when you need some OC drawn.
  9. Martinus' Custom Shop [3/5 slots taken] OPEN

    I'll be waiting. would love to paint your angel! There'll be soon, hopefully.
  10. Martinus' Custom Shop [3/5 slots taken] OPEN

    Preview of @Katnipxo's lovely OC again. Time to do the final details and lighting then start animating. Had so much fun ahhh!!! Bring me your cool OC's guys, I'd love to paint them!! (also thanks for the tip Kat, didn't realise. )
  11. Martinus' Custom Shop [3/5 slots taken] OPEN

    Don't worry, I can easily fix that! I preferably have you point out things you want different than if you'd be unsatisfied with the artwork. Do note the piece will be looking different in my next post; Shapes will be more three-dimentional and expressive once there's less lineart and more rendering.
  12. Martinus' Custom Shop [3/5 slots taken] OPEN

    My bad @Katnipxo, left the fingers out of the preview so you could see the blades better haha. If you think it looks too cluttered with the blades I can remove them. Here she is again, with a more bleached skintone! The final lighting will really help to make her pop out more. (it's currently almost flat colour.) I hope she's the way you want her to look like!
  13. Martinus' Custom Shop [3/5 slots taken] OPEN

    @Esbee Awwww thank you for the interest! Looking forward to working with you. I will not be home from saturdaynight till sunday night, but don't hesitate to post a form if you're ready. @Katnipxo What an interesting character, I'm having a lot of fun with her and I hope you like it so far! Make sure to tell me what has to be changed so I can do that. I decided to put two blades in her hand, thought that'd be interesting hehe. Let me know what you think of the sketch!
  14. Martinus' Pre-premade shop. [6 available]

    Premade ''Blaze'' has been added to the first post! Thanks to everybody for providing me with ideas and feedback in the posts above! I have updated the first post with a very bicccc poll regarding pricing and themes. If you have the time, please fill it in considering the information will really help me out with future premades. I still have about 3 premades coming up this February. (A male siren, A poisonous nymph and I lost my female Nagas which I'll have to redraw eventually rip. ) So please stay tuned! Right now my focus will be customs and I currently have 4/5 slots open yet. In case you're interested in that you can fly over to my Custom Shop through this link or the link in my signature. Cheers!
  15. Martinus' Custom Shop [3/5 slots taken] OPEN

    Oh my that is so unique!!! I hope I can do your ideas justice. Order accepted, I will start tomorrow straight away!! Thanks for stopping by and ordering from me, @Katnipxo.

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