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  1. Aynaet

    キセキ | FULL

    I'll be stalking for a slot
  2. Aynaet

    Semi-realism, DPs, or adopt a WIP! (PP)

    Will definitely be stalking to get that witch WIP.
  3. Aynaet

    δ dɛltə ll

    Same ^
  4. Aynaet

    δ dɛltə ll

    Oooo so go for it
  5. Aynaet

    δ dɛltə ll

    Oh I've been lurking in the shadows
  6. Aynaet

    δ dɛltə ll

    Got my eye on dat Succu
  7. Aynaet

    Cotton's Adopt Center: 1 NEW 9/18

    Ooo I will definitely be back for one of those adoptables if they're still available
  8. Aynaet

    // ✦☽ Witchcraft ★˖°// opan ✧ ˖

    I soooo totally want one been waiting to a custom from you
  9. Aynaet

    |✧| Hollow's Tea House |✧| FULL |✧|

    So stalking this shop and it's beautiful art
  10. Aynaet


    Is it okay that you hold Kyu for me until tomorrow?
  11. Aynaet

    ♦◊◦ s o l a c e ◦◊♦ - [3] 2 NEW

    DP name: Crazy inove Text: Shawn and Lucy #2 for the text Any changes/information: ~ Overall price: $21
  12. Aynaet

    Y0UI's Premade (2)

    Hey just curious but are any of those premades and claim your wips that don’t say sold still available?

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