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    lmfao sike b
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  1. Trifling

    Brujería Scratch Drawings | Free Art Shop

    Text : Lex Type : half body female Pet : snek - ref here OC References : here ( feel free to change the top into a red bikini top ) Pose Reference : up to you x Background : a black silk sheet Extra : go wild Animations : blinking for her if you're up to it! tbh i luv the shop title so i kinda added a witchy oc i hope that's ok, ty for considering!
  2. Trifling

    Rainy Days / $5 Simple anime [2/3]

    LOVING IT slay me also im so sorry if it was hard omg i didn't even think abt that rip
  3. hihi text: Lex refs: her animation: Maybe give her white kitty ears and animate them if u feelin like it ty for considerin <3
  4. Trifling

    Rainy Days / $5 Simple anime [2/3]

    Theme: goth babe, spooks, witchy, cute Style: simple anime Reference links: witch & something like this for the background but possibly red? & this pose please Extras: please don't include the hat <3 Text on dp: Lex Price: $5 CAD
  5. Trifling


    Watermark Text: Lex Character Ref(s): Lex Lingerie/Outfit: Panties & bralette Pose Refs: up to you but something to show off the stomach rolls Extra's/Background Idea?: possibly just grey with stars or something? idk up to you! ty for considering
  6. Trifling

    Otra Ves (Let me try this again) | Unlimited

    hella cute like u
  7. no problem thank you so much ❤️ 😘
  8. http://prntscr.com/jtve34 payed hun
  9. Form Premade #: Apollo Text: Miri Pride overlay: Pansexual please, but one version without an overlay please Have you read my rules?: yes sweetp Paypal email (you may PM this): pm'ing u it ❤️ buyin for a friend i hope u dont mind @Saeyoung
  10. Trifling

    Rainy Days / $5 Simple anime [2/3]

    awee okay thanks anyways!
  11. Trifling

    Rainy Days / $5 Simple anime [2/3]

    womp womp
  12. Trifling

    Temporary Animated Dp ( taking order for June )

    ty for letting me know<33
  13. Trifling

    Temporary Animated Dp ( taking order for June )

    @Hibernate i luv seeing ur shops around v cute art yesyesyes
  14. Trifling


    ur style has grown so much wowza

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