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  1. Trifling


    Text: Lex ❤ Harold or Harold ❤ Lex Watermark: ( none needed ) OC/Refs/Screenies: Harold & Lex ( album 1 with most references ) & Lex ( album 2, more recent pictures & hair style now ) Extra: no beanie for him.pls & his hair is black ty for considering n have a good day do whatever u want im down for anything
  2. Trifling

    I need Pixel DP Examples. TEMP SHOP

    ik u have hellla orders but imma add onee more to go thru on ya list sowwy Text: Lex OC: it me Background idea: I really love the ghosts u did for lizzie's ( dp in ur examples ) so maybe sum ghosts or sumn spooky? Anything else? no glasses bb and just use the makeup look of me in the white crop top pls if u can feel free to add stuff if ud like x and i have a small silver ball nose ring and a silver hook earring ( its like a hoop earring but instead of closing it has two balls on each end ) ty for considering
  3. Trifling


    damn those came out good i really love how you did that red oc
  4. Trifling


    Form: Text: Lex Ref/Oc: bat or flower bb or cottoncandy or pretty bitch Extra: u wanted sum color i gotchu also do whatever u want idc LMAO im down for anything thank u for considering tin bb
  5. aw damn I really wasn't expecting it! THANK YOU BABYGIRLL p.s hru i miss u ( do i pm u ? )
  6. Trifling

    Practicing New Style [DP's]

    YASSS thats mad cute thank you!! just keep practicing tbh and soon itll become easier for ya but this turned out rly cute
  7. Trifling

    Practicing New Style [DP's]

    how bout a couple request? Ref: Harold & Lex ( my current hair cut is the one with the short bangs) Text: Lex 💗 Harold or Harold 💗 Lex Extra: have fun and do whatever you want tbh thank you for considering
  8. Trifling

    Need to practice full body <3! [2/2 FULL]

    really stunning
  9. Trifling

    Simple stuff

    hi text: Lex oc: witch ty for considering, and also i voted in the poll for ya
  10. Trifling

    Dankula's free art practice

    ill take devil if you're down with that uwu and wips in the pm's if ya feel like it if not no worries ty for considering
  11. Trifling

    watercolor art

    hwi bb how u been? text: Lex ( if u wanna add it if not its gucci) refs: witch or bat girl ( pls include mask for bat girly ) ty for considering
  12. Trifling

    BEATS : Free DP Shop : Closed [1/1]

  13. Trifling

    BEATS : Free DP Shop : Closed [1/1]

    definitely!! do whatever you want i rly dig the style to it and yw<3 im glad u enjoy it more
  14. Trifling

    BEATS : Free DP Shop : Closed [1/1]

    :Form: :Name: Lex :Screens: 3 :Refs: 1 2 ( i kinda fucked up and linked screens here too LOL sorry) :Extra: do whatever you want and when i say whatever i mean it , add flowers butterflies or smear her lipstick idunno up to u ty for considering n may i say ur art is hella unique

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