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  1. Trifling

    ⚡️ S T Y L I N ⚡️

    oh hi Mami im coming back to add a form in here bc yes pls i luv ur art n u ;))
  2. Trifling

    [ ◓ Sade in the 90's ◓ ]

    hi text: Lex oc's; witch ,cat mask , bat bb theme: halloweeny n sexy song: boop ty for considering
  3. Trifling

    ○ Cactus Canyon ○

    hi text: Lex ref: coraline ty for considering
  4. Trifling

    legs - free nonsense // sqits p3

    you're welcome!!!!! <3
  5. Trifling

    legs - free nonsense // sqits p3

    woa that one is good af
  6. Trifling

    School break~!

    References/Screenies/Oc's: here Vibe: Halloweeny and cute Extra: please include cat mask watermark/Name: Lex ty for considering
  7. Trifling

    sketches/things - closing soon pg. 6

    glad you finally feel comfortable! :*
  8. Trifling

    legs - free nonsense // sqits p3

    hii text: Lex oc: Batty baby feel free to add her mask in her hair <3 ty for considering n you have permission to post just add your watermark on it if thats okay bb
  9. Trifling

    Testing, testing! [Anime style]

    References [ hair/eyes/clothes/etc.] : 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 ( all pictures of me so feel free to only click like two if u want LOL ) Mood/Theme/Aesthetic [either a picture or text] : for mood i would say like sexy candlelight theme and halloween aesthetic like maybe a candle in the background or something cool idk whatever u down to do Back story [ If any, more for fun and so I get to know your ocs better as well! ]: i live in florida and i have for all my life i luv my family n friends i prefer texting over calling umm my fav colors and blue purple and black i am highkey shy in rl but lowkey shy online idunno why How did you get/create your OC: dis is actually me LOL hope that's okay ty for considering feel free to add whatever u want i just ask if u can pls include the kitty ears <3
  10. Trifling

    Need Practice!

    Oc's/Refs: 1 & 2 Text: Lex Extra: nope have fun feel free to add like spider webs in the background ty for considering
  11. Trifling

    Necesito Mas Fotos :> [FULL]

    my form Form Txt: Lex ♥ Harold or Harold ♥ Lex Picture: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Accesories: Lex in rl & Harold in rl ( I think all thats missing from the screenshots is My helix piercing and his goatee and mustache but theres a rl reference if needed ) Ty for considering bbg Friend's form Form Txt: Meg Picture: her Accessories: just whatever's in the reference ^^this is for Coitus@Imvu^^ she would like you to message her on imvu about customs if thats possible? (she would like to order a couple at a later day) tysm sweetie also she said she would most likely tip you once it's done
  12. Trifling

    Necesito Mas Fotos :> [FULL]

    thank you sm for replying also yw <3
  13. Trifling

    Necesito Mas Fotos :> [FULL]

    that came out really cute also one last question would u mind if i ordered for a friend ( she doesnt use gasr but loves your work ) sorry for buggin u w questions oop
  14. Trifling

    Necesito Mas Fotos :> [FULL]

    @Chequer are we allowed to order again love?
  15. Trifling

    Necesito Mas Fotos :> [FULL]

    wow shes badass! thank you so much babe

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