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  1. DRAWING FORUM text: Lex drawing style: 4 oc, ref, screenie: witch ( The skirt is flowy and long af but tight enough to where u can see her body shape or u can make it into a short black skirt skirt option 2 if needed - body shape bust/shoulder/bodyOnly/FullBody/halfbody: body only size? dp/big art/both: dp babe pose: which ever one u want tbh ( or make up ur own idc bb ) music: jessie reyez feat 6lack - imported extra: ty for considerinnn
  2. i got u ill start it tmr
  3. give me some scenery or plants someone PLS
  4. glad u like it! i really enjoyed doing this i would have never even tried to draw a fox without you so ty! feel free to order again
  5. im done ! animated
  6. you are both welcome! feel free to order again x color? or it doesn't matter i get full freedom?
  7. just an update guys i might animate your piece or add something i think looks good animated on it but dw ill give you a still piece if i do this! ty for reading
  8. alright i did u 3 versions
  9. yea sure ill try it out x
  10. here's ur wings x ( one version has WHITE stars ) i can change them to yellow if u would like they are separate so u can place them however u like
  11. accepted im gonna try the wings out!
  12. heres a guide to make sure you would get something actually good -flowers -plants ( i'm SO down to try them!!!!!! ) -scenery ( I'm not the best at this but i LIKE it it soothes me ) -simple idea's ( A small bug/pet, i.e butterflies, bees, etc ) -hearts -wings - small text words ( I need to practice letters so this will be helpful to me ) ty guys <3 slots- 1. pains - accepted - finished 2. hiroki - accepted - finished 3. wrath - accepted - finished 4. wrath pt2 - accepted 5. 6. 7. 8. Art done in here - wings cat fox with flowers
  13. hey guys im gonna be doing SMALL siggy pixels depending on how much i like your idea/ how much room i need to complete your idea ok? ok rules- Gasr rules No im not writing ur name on it unless you are requesting a TEXT siggy No oc's pls please don't give me some complicated thing, i'm still learning obviously please credit me ( it's not that hard ) form - keep it simple and easy♥ idea/refs ( Up to 3-5 at the least ) : here's some examples - Please DO NOT steal them ( they all belong to someone! )
  14. Text: Lex Refs: red babe emo babe blondie blue babe witch fairy Size: dp pls but u can do whatever u prefer Extra: nope have fun, feel free to make up ur own pose if u want <3 ty for considerin

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