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  1. 1 dp a day

  2. 1 dp a day

  3. digical arts + STREAMING on tWiTcH [offline]

    hi good mornin text: Lex screenies: ( 1 , 2 ) ( 3 , 4 ) ( 5 , 6 ) ( 7 , 8 ) ty for considering x
  4. What's A Free Shop?

    references / character: { Harold & Lex , pose ideas } text: { Lex 💕 Harold or Harold ❤ Lex } extra: { no glasses on either of us please <3 } ty for considering, feel free to even create your own pose if you wish & tbh the shirts can be whatever you want idm, also ur art is beaut not ugly shhh
  5. Draw the person above you!

    claim ill start tomorrow @Ballerina god im so bad at hands im sry LOL http://prntscr.com/ive3x5 ignore the derpyness rn LOL i am finished i have so many versions soz LOL i got too into it also she is eye rollin' so thats y i put ugh & go away okok
  6. 1 dp a day

    alright i know i said one a day but today i got too busy so i shall continue tomorrow

    thats fine sometimes imgur acts up, As always beautiful work <3 and ty for linking us

    oooh yess good idea

    @Tao have u ever considered having an " art done in shop section " sometimes people buy to quick and we don't get to see the work ( and personally i stalk ur shop just to stare at the pretty work tbh ) just an idea feel free to ignoree
  10. 1 dp a day

    decline jk accept
  11. 1 dp a day

    ik but i want MOR
  12. 1 dp a day

    someone giv mee a couple request
  13. 1 dp a day

    accepted ill try one out
  14. 1 dp a day

  15. 1 dp a day


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