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  1. thank you so much bbg
  2. thank you so much I LOVE HERRR shes adorable as fuck & those sketches are soooo adorable! get yo coins sis ! also can i please have a transparent version 2? ( i wanna add to my siggy as well ) kisses tyvm 😘😘😘💕
  3. I'm selling: Plant badge(s) or a Siggy plant(s) if you wish! Preview: The hearts are just watermark ( dw it'll be transparent, i just added a background for color ) 60 x 70 ( size ) ( 40x60 is the smallest i can make it if needed ) A larger scale to see details 60x70 ( I can resize it to 40x60 ) A larger scale to see details Price: 1,000 credits each ( Or pyp but nothing under 300 please. ) To Trifling@Imvu ( T R I F L I N G ) Willing to do color changes for 100c/50c depending on the change(s) you wish to make Send Badge to Trifling@Imvu Please if you make it. Status: Available
  4. Trifling

    <3 Practice

    omggg imma link so much LMFAO bc i love ur art aa reg oc's text: Lex refs: - blondie , kitty , witch , fish bowl head style: open to adoptable style/chibi style/dp style ( non pixel )/realistic style extra: na, do whatever u want im down for improvements on any oc // if you wanna do a YCH kind of deal/adoptable thing ( i guess its just gonna be a buncha refs and you can throw together an oc? if you're down ) text: Lex bunch of random pictures: x extra: I LOVE THIS EXAMPLE ( so maybe stick to this idea, but different? Like, blue eyes or green eyes and pale skin for sure( unless you feel like a blue or red or purple tone would fit better idk this is yo freedom w a mix of ideas ) and long hair but the rest is up 2 u ) or a Couple text: Lex & Harold or Harold & Lex refs: - Lex + Harold style: realistic style or small pixel style like this one in your examples extra: just please no beanie for him & keep his hair down tyvm ( and no glasses for either of us ) & pose and clothing up to you feel free to grab clothing/makeup from albums or just do something simple sorry went wild here if this is too much shit lmk and ill yeet most of it LOL kinda overwhelming my bad oof
  5. Trifling

    smthn simple ✦

    hi cute style welcome to gasr how about a couple?? text: L <3 H or H <3 L or Lex & Harold or Harold & Lex ( up to you ) refs: Harold & Lex pose is up to but if u need refs/example/ideas let me know im down 2 help tysm for considering feel free to do either one of us
  6. Trifling


    Form Name/Text:  Lex References: blondie or kitty or cotton candy girl Extras/ideas: open to anything! whatever you feel would fit the oc then you have freedom to add it <3 ty for considering also, if you would want to do a couple lmk bc some people like practicing on couples xx
  7. might wanna ask to move this to free requests x
  8. Trifling

    Yes hello

    ywyyw always gon support you bb
  9. tyt bbg @Waifus and sorry u lost all ur brushes aaa that must suck big time
  10. @Flaky i get you completely my art block is bad rn but i guess its mainly because im not happy with the output and just get discouraged but it be like that and yvw i lovee your style & yees ty hope u get thru the storms all right! ( and same i love rain bc it makes me sleepy asf ) have fun!
  11. tysm angel 💕 and nope its real live shakey LOL but i use a mouse pad on the laptop soooo it be like that
  12. storms r rhe worst during a hurricane it took out power & wifi it was so boring n hot LOL bless urs was just a small storm n the tech guy coming to fix it up also thats so cute n colorful
  13. Trifling

    Help me improve~

    hi text: Lex oc: witch ty for considering me
  14. Trifling

    spooky butcher

    hi text: Lex oc: here go dat wild ty for considering

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