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  1. Trifling

    Mixed Media | OPEN

    ty for replying back to me! droppin a formu F O R M FOR SCRATCH CUSTOM Main text: Lex Watermark text: Trifling References: fishbowl sugar mama ( can leave fish out dw & even the actual bowl if you want ) Background idea: blues and purples or reds and pinks up to you really Pose: x or whatever you want not really picky on the pose Extra: purple or black hair it doesn't matter to me have fun and feel free to incorporate anything you think would look goodd 💕 ty for considering 🌹
  2. Trifling

    Mixed Media | OPEN

    are you accepting anymore orders or are you currently considering it full for now? x and tyt
  3. Trifling

    I'm Lazy.. Help me?

    SO GOOD BABY also grinch voice is a mood LMFAO @ MY VOICE MEMO I SENT ON IG " WhAt ThE FUcK " i luv u u sweet thing
  4. Trifling

    I'm Lazy.. Help me?

    ahhh im in ur siggy kiss kiss kiss kiss Text: Lex & Harold or Harold & Lex refs: me mom & my husband get creative bitch u do u w outfits n stuff also ukno im chubby so like LOL remember that when u drawing ok kiss pose ideas: here but my fave one in ther is ; wink but if u hate them all then make up ur own bc ilu and no stress zone here mom extra: black hair for both, no glasses as u know, and no beanie for him bbg ty for considering -i know u love me the MSOT here but dont wanna tell anyone shh itsok-
  5. Trifling

    Draw the Person Above You

    claim ur oc is so fucking cute the final! @lSinny alright honey have your moment and you do your thang
  6. Trifling


    Visual References/OC album: princessy or blondie or cat mask baby Pose: some ideas Extra: Lex for the name on it please ty for considering <3
  7. Trifling

    dp practice [3/3]

    hi how about a couple? Text:  Lex & Harold or Harold & Lex Theme: loveee References: Lex & Harold ( Pose ideas ) Extra: no beanie for him & no glasses for us both please and he has a goatee ( not a beard ) and both of our hair is black ty for considering sm have a great day
  8. Trifling

    Get me out of my art block <3 (FULL)

    Form Text: Lex Theme: cutesty and sexy References: angel ( if u pick her pls add a halo ty ) or batty or catty Extra: na have fun ty for considering
  9. thanks so much wow shes so cuteee i love it and the animation is adorable!
  10. Name: Lex Artwork Style: up to you Screenies: 1 2 3 References: up there dear ^ Other details: nope have fun Price + Payment method: free tysm dear hope ur shop works out for you<3
  11. Trifling

    3$ sketches/ temp shop

    i love u
  12. Trifling

    Pixi's Practice Shop #2

    Text: Lex Reference: boop ( have fun ) ty for considering also followed yaa
  13. Trifling

    Free sketchies!

    those came out stunning p.s hope u dont mind i changed my form to different oc
  14. Trifling

    Trial and Error

    thankkk you its cuteee af
  15. Trifling

    I need Practice D:

    you could crop and resize, the imvu size for dps is 160x220 @Nuggy

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