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zJoYoHLPNzGX089y4Gnm6xP1ocCWEVWbOABXXgQTY08kiQACezCiYCWcy7l3QxUlqSHGNQXK4Y9WN0j9zqElHdgP-qdaaSTF7SoDXgTFDro9lnJwPc-wbFsiaKgiJ1wCEB-0pR-7 nmPoS4MwN1XR0TBBq1pUGDtDd0NtnnaSFQB0P0yclwIUxZLecwrS9ol7ZuelB0k0ipWOesm7_YQ98ENifZwCCvPUAaxUqe_nwQbkxSyekw-UPcMG2l-7zH2n1FkPRHy8hissxUHD oh8zWcznGKs0cfbox24IlCXfoewST3R2F6QQ3XUfetaGdLkvAwXo8MwE9D0oX07JUN60ZscmeKWhEhrX1y6nUwBHGZRUmw0AignhriXZcAXK4N7XKDjvwo8QBZDGNJ06ufNJf2qI


Love Sick Eyes by King-Lulu-Deer


About Me:

Hello! my name is Rin and I currently live in Hawaii where I was born and raised. I'm 20 turning 21 in August and I have 3 cat bbs and 2 doggos! I'm a trans boy (FTM) and go by He / They pronouns so please use them! I'm Greysexual and Pansexual UwU. My favorite color is blue and I have a mega obsession with BTS, my biases are Yoongi and Taehyung. I'm currently trying super hard in medical school while trying not to cry so much haHaHA. I have a loving boyfriend and I'm a little / Brat YEET




KPOP, Music, Animal Crossing, League Of Legends, My Friends, Pokemon, Kumomon, Cute things, Gore, NSFW, BL, Yaoi, Naruto, Sasuke Is My Husbando, Anime, Most Animals, My Family, Drawing, Playing Double Bass, Napping.


Eggs, Germs, Bugs, Milk, Clowns, The Dark, Fake Friends, Impatient Or Rude People, Homophobia And Transphobia, Annoying TikTok Memes, Thots, Going Outside, Being Scolded, Judgmental People, My Urge To Spend Money cri ;-;



My Senpai:


Love by UsagiGami Heart by UsagiGami Kiss by UsagiGami          


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