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  1. STYLE TWO Screenshots: screenie Hairstyle (only for bald screenshots): Text: Kinley Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): Final price: $8 PayPal email: [email protected]
  2. Screenshots: Heere Text: Kinley Price: $7 Extra: none I know im looking a little basic, but i have admired your work. i hope this is acceptable! thank you so much!
  3. STYLE ONE! Screenshots: Hi Hairstyle (only for bald screenshots): N/A Text: Jess and Rss Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Blinking, sparkling eyes Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): None Final price: idk PayPal email: [email protected]
  4. N Yes. And I changed the hair reference. I was lazy and just copy pasta'd runas. She caught it 🤦 I'm sorry
  5. STYLE ONE Screenshots: screenie ref Hairstyle (only for bald screenshots): in screenshot Text: RSS on the bottom left, Kinley ( with a tiny alt code crown by the name. ) on the bottom right. Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): n/a Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): Final price: $8 PayPal email: [email protected]
  6. STYLE ONE Screenshots: Lyn Hairstyle (only for bald screenshots): N/a Text: R.S.S ( fit that into the bottom right corner. ) "Lyn" ( in the bottom left corner. ) Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): blinking Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): skittles candy ( if you can. ) Final price: $7.50 PayPal email:[email protected]
  7. STYLE TWO Screenshots: Hairstyle (only for bald screenshots): Beth Text: Beth Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Wink Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): Same background. RSS on the bottom left. "Beth" on the bottom right. Final price: 9.50 PayPal email: [email protected]

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