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  1. @YuukiTsukinoArt Uh sorry ! I thought i replied but obc not ;A; it's fine to me ! Will u be able to add a little bat somewhere ? as pet or somewhere on the clothings ?
  2. °˖ ✧ Compulsive ✧˖ ° (Goal Shop) OPEN

    Oh it's np, i understand. hope she'll get well ! I keep my order, i'll just wait. ;A;
  3. @YuukiTsukinoArt Haircut: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e6/62/f9/e662f98e2cfcc6dc3ae37e6996b1e511.jpg7 Eyepatch style: more something like this hun ^-^
  4. Thanks ! Your job is amazing and u're nice. ♥ @YuukiTsukinoArt
  5. @YuukiTsukinoArt Do you think red hiar would be great ? And yes this cup. At least, make some wip to show me and i'll say ? :D Is it ok if i pay after the 1st wip ? ^o^ And price is ok hun ♥
  6. MVU name: Whybie text on the DP: Whybie single or couple?: Single Body section (Bustshot, Halfbody, etc): Bustshot reference picture(s) pose: Just holding the gun with the 2 hands and licking it reference picture(s) clothing: Artistic freedom, victorian style. [ Like Ciel or Alois Clothes in Black Butler :D ] & Eyepatch on one eye. reference picture(s) looks (eye colour, hair colour, hairstyle, face details, etc.): Red eye, asian haircutt. Well, the bowl cup, y'a know what i mean. And Male DP :D But not manly reference picture(s) objects (if wanted): animations? If yes, which animation(s)?: If possible licking a gun and blinking ? Background? If fullbody, objects in background?: Artistic freedom. Both Spooky and cute ? payment method: Paypal price: Tell me honey <3 Ask me for more precisions <3
  7. IRL Photos

    Deals with my shoes. o/
  8. Music

  9. Introductions!

    Hi ! i'm Mathias and i'm French ! Even if i was born in Vietnam. My pseudo on Imvu is Whybie ( Will you get the ref ? If yes i love you ♥ ) Uh what can i say... I'm not a drawer, i'm more into music ( playing Piano & violin ) I'm @Reine's boyfriend o/ [ Assume me now :] If you wanna talk, feel free to add me. [ event if my english is approximative.. ] Cheers ~
  10. °˖ ✧ Compulsive ✧˖ ° (Goal Shop) OPEN

    @Sabbu Oki dokie ;A;
  11. [2018] Lunar New Year Celebration

    với bạn nữa ❤
  12. °˖ ✧ Compulsive ✧˖ ° (Goal Shop) OPEN

    If i pay more will u draw more ? D: :shutupandtakemymoneeeyyyyyyyyyy: Just askin ;A; and tell me when i'll have to pay you @Sabbu <3
  13. °˖ ✧ Compulsive ✧˖ ° (Goal Shop) OPEN

    @Latex Uh. Thaaanks. You're sweet. ;A;
  14. °˖ ✧ Compulsive ✧˖ ° (Goal Shop) OPEN

    Hello Hun ! I hope u'll accept my request :D In any case your job is amazing. <3 • F O R M • Style: Semi-realistic References: https://sta.sh/02ex5qbyf6cy [ Face & haircut looklike: https://www.instagram.com/un_papillon_borgne/ ( It's me, no worries. but make me beautifuuulll in the DP D: ) Gun's animation: https://giphy.com/gifs/gun-bullet-pistol-10s5wOcRMyPpwk ( Just the top of the gun ofc ) [ Uh i have idea but no ref. Can i explain you by tags ? if yes: Bat wings, Spooky & Cute, Victorian, eyepatch,gun, boy. Doinants colours: Black, white, ?black purple? ] Little bats as pet o/ Text: Whybie [ My imvu's name :D ] Animations (optional): Gun mooving /Shooting. Blink or sparckle eye, bats as pet Price: 45$ with complicated animation and the bats ? ;A; Paypal/Email: vax.roi@outlook.fr

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