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  1. Thinking on themes for the next batch of adopts / dps. if anyone can give me ideas I'd be grateful! I just don't know what's popular!
  2. 3 New Premades available! One is a bit pricier than usual, but it's because I have a soft spot for him. Expect a couple more female premades coming up, and a few possibly pixel display pictures!
  3. Show off your latest creation!

    I've been in and out of hospitalization for the last couple weeks. Finally got the confidence to draw again. A friend had me do that character mash-up meme. Here's the characters I had to base him off of! - | FAV CHARACTERS | Credit to pattern - https://inthename-stock.deviantart.com/art/Beauty-5-73221245
  4. Show off your latest creation!

    climbed out of my art slump with this quick doodle. edit - the flowers looked bad :/
  5. Draw the person above you!

    Claiming you~! (will draw when you've finished your part! out of fairness). @Artisti he came out beautifully!! thank you so much! your art is gorgeous!
  6. Probably gonna implement a reward program then! cuz if others are interested in my art too, i'd want you guys to benefit too
  7. sold to you!! (thanks for coming back!) please send to elliotgaudette@gmail.com!
  8. received+sent+thankyou!!!
  9. He is sold to you!! please send 8$USD to elliotgaudette@gmail.com !
  10. IRL Photos

    Hi I own a lot of dogs. Here's my ESA, Patches. And The Dog Couch
  11. 3 NEW PREMADES ADDED. - Glasses! - Painted! - Sketch!
  12. There will be cheaper ones coming soon! :)
  13. Show off your latest creation!

    I cannot draw girls recently. RIP. new oc Ares credit to patterns; https://www.123rf.com/photo_41854999_stock-vector-blue-greek-seamless-pattern.html | https://rfclipart.com/traditional-seamless-vintage-gray-greek-pattern-meander-100534-vector-clipart.html
  14. New premade; LUNAR available!

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