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  1. Check out Baylies new shop, she has two new premades up and ready for grabs . <3 #PromotingABestie


  2. I have been taking so many more hours. I literally am working 7 days straight with one day off then heading for another 7 days straight with one day off. Lord, help me everyone. Wish me luck on getting this overtime, because the outcome will give me a very sexy check :D lol.

  3. Zkyan


    Thank you @Sorcelly happy birthday to you as well!! And to the others, I hope yall have a wonderful day!
  4. Artwork Name: Sailor Moon Changes (If allowed): None Text: Jasmine Water Mark(Optional): Zkyan Total Price: $13.00 Email Address: will send by pm.
  5. โ—ฆ Premade name/number - Dirty Demon/#P10 โ—ฆ Any changes? (skin tone, colors, background, ect) - None โ—ฆ Text - If I can can I have two versions one with Jasmine and one with Jazzy (If not I will just take the one with Jasmine) โ—ฆ Watermark (optional) - Zkyan โ—ฆ Payment method - Paypal โ—ฆ Total - $20
  6. Zkyan

    .wander. |

    ๏ผฏ(โ‰งโˆ‡โ‰ฆ)๏ผฏ love your artsu
  7. ;-; My account cried. I had money for neko babe but then when I checked again it wasn't there :c so I withdraw my order.

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