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  1. INFINITY; [6] available

    Do you have a custom shop?
  2. INFINITY; [6] available

    OMG.. DP 120 would look just like one of my OCS if it had gold eyes. I'm so sad I missed it
  3. (1) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    @Deth Payment has been sent dear<3 I'll send proof via pm
  4. (1) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    Premade: Hannah Changes: None Watermark: Zkyan Text: Jasmine Price: $21.00
  5. (1) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    @Deth hi I got a small check today and I will be paying in about an hour or so for Hannah
  6. (1) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    Can you please hold Hannah for me?
  7. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    Lmao i know right @Lunna
  8. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    @Dommina congrats on grabbing that beauty! Teach me your fast ways senpai lol much love and congrats again!
  9. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    ;^; crap
  10. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    Eeep* it's so pretty, I am watching closely for this. *^*
  11. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    I really want it so bad....but sadly I just don't have enough....QAQ
  12. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    @Ivyx yes it is perfect, sending payment of 7$ now *u* (2.00 tip cause your awesome asf)
  13. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    @Ivyx could you make the hair a bit more vibrant? If so she would be perfect and I do t might asding in some tippage c:<3
  14. T E L O S {8} [NEW] chibi wip to claim

    Premade name: 030 Did you read the rules? Yes and my fave food is sushi. Text: Jasmine Watermark Mark: Zkyan Would you like me to grant you my free support badge? Please 😍 (if you'd like changes to be made, specify here): Can you do quite a few changes for me? Make the Hair red, Horns black,lips black, the eyes like gold, the background like a darkish red and the skin a bit paler? I know it's alot of changes but if need be I'll pay a but more ;^; Future theme suggestions (optional): omg vampires! Total price: 5$ or more if needed
  15. Nameless Premades (1)

    @Baylie For some reason the gifs are saving as png

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