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About Zkyan

  • Birthday 02/25/1994

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  1. Zkyan

    ☆ wasted times ♡ [1] ♡ 1 NEW ♡

    I want it so badly but sadly no moneys cause I had to replace my ac Q_Q Congrats to who ever grabs her!
  2. Zkyan

    ☆ wasted times ♡ [1] ♡ 1 NEW ♡

    Even though i am at work Ima sneak a look every ten minutes for this xD
  3. Zkyan

    ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ //OPEN♥ ! //

    Can I order two at a time?
  4. Zkyan

    ☆ wasted times ♡ [1] ♡ 1 NEW ♡

    -Stalks for the neko- Q^Q I am determined to get da neko! lol
  5. Zkyan


    @KataraKnight thats perfectly fine 😄 I still want her *u*<3
  6. Zkyan


    Comfy Socks! Premade #: 10/Strawberry Swirl Text: Jasmine with a Zkyan watermark Price: Do you take credits? If not, I can still use usd.
  7. Zkyan


    I still want mine *^*<3
  8. Please hold 323 for me and make her eyes gold *^*
  9. Zkyan

    Tricoooooooo (2)

    Also if you can make it like a soft black color as well with the red hair strip there.
  10. Zkyan

    Tricoooooooo (2)

    Can you hold 01 for me and also make her hair longer like down to her shoulders with some soft curls?...if not I still want her xD
  11. Check out Baylies new shop, she has two new premades up and ready for grabs . <3 #PromotingABestie


  12. I have been taking so many more hours. I literally am working 7 days straight with one day off then heading for another 7 days straight with one day off. Lord, help me everyone. Wish me luck on getting this overtime, because the outcome will give me a very sexy check :D lol.

  13. Zkyan

    :Thousand Sunny:(1)

    @Rin If you really want it, I will retract my hold on it. Was gonna pay in a bit but since she looks kinda like your oc I would want you to have her. @SID Is there anyway to give the rest of my hold to Rin?
  14. Zkyan

    :Thousand Sunny:(1)

    Please hold KittyKat for me
  15. Zkyan

    Eye Candy ♥

    @Ren I will also be ordering one from you as well, so I will pay for both at once. *^*

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