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My name is Jinx (Online name of course), and I'm here to buy all of the lovely arts of the world!

My IMVU accounts, though, are called Kranky and Foie (Roleplay purposes) if you ever want to reach me through there.

I'll probably ask for requests for IMVU DPs and Aion/BnS art requests since it's always prettier to have a DP of your character from someone's lovely hand than to have a mere screenshot.


I also have different names in IMVU, Aion, etc. I will go by Kranky (On IMVU), Peribell (On Aion), and Kranky (On IMVU).


If you ever have doubts, don't hesitate to ask me if you think something's a little fishy! ☆☆╮


I have changed my name to SugarJinx. Don't know why just wanted the name. Feels nice c:.

Update (4/29/2018):

Decided to make a cutesy account to detail and use any cute DP/premades I decide to get on here or on DA.

Vampyra is pending deletion, just need help figuring out how to delete her but making her name available to anyone in the future x-x

Update (9/11/2018):


Peribell has now been renamed Foie, I'm so happy ♥


Update 05/28/2019:

Changed my GASR name from SugarJinx to Kranky. It felt better.

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