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  • Birthday 10/12/1994


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  1. SugarTyts

    Fill my space babe need with your art!

    I am only going to take one slot for paypal so I will be picky on who gets it. Lol.
  2. SugarTyts

    Fill my space babe need with your art!

    - Deleted.
  3. SugarTyts

    Fill my space babe need with your art!

    It is sent. I had to go through the ticket crap. Lol. Do Judy first then we will see about about Xia or the artistic freedom one. :3
  4. SugarTyts

    Fill my space babe need with your art!

    Oh my god. Shes beautiful. I wanna cry. Lol
  5. SugarTyts

    OC Requests

    - Deleted.
  6. SugarTyts

    Fill my space babe need with your art!

    Oh gosh. Lol. I had to think about that but sure go ahead and do them with topping though it is so hard choosing between those, hah.
  7. SugarTyts

    OC Requests

    Sent on imvu.
  8. SugarTyts

    OC Requests

    No changes.
  9. SugarTyts


    Text: SilentHell Sex: Female Bonus: I will be visiting my grandma in the hospital (She has to stay there for 3 months and I bought her a puppy). So I will be going to show her. 😄
  10. SugarTyts

    Fill my space babe need with your art!

    We shall see after you finish my first order babe. :3
  11. Name on DP: SugarTyts Styles of art that is accepted: Any and all kinds. Payment: Credits plus a tip. *** Please provide examples of art and prices **I am going to accept one artist at a time so I don't over do it and its easier keeping up with how much I spend and who to pay. Current Artist: sick4ever - 2k - Xia Poses: Any that looks good. Clothes: Something simple, sassy and sexy with boobs. Eyes / Color: 1-4 eyeballs. Blue / Purple / Pink / Orange. Hair: Any that looks good or on references 1 / 3 / 6 Hair Color: Pastel purple / Pastel pink / Pastel Orange / Pastel Blue. Skin Color: Light blue / Light purple / Any that looks good. Add - on Items: Lollipop / Raygun / Stickers on her face andor body like ufo, stars, planets, etc / Antennas / Holding a spaceship. Random References (Don't have to use): 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Couple: Please let me know if you do this even if it is a body dp. OCs:
  12. SugarTyts

    OC Requests

    Do Peach. Theres so many I don't have art for though. Lol. Peach can wear either a purple strapless one piece or purple seashell bra. She is holding a gem but if you don't do the bra, you can change it to a seashell or something cute. :3 She does have a little jacket on with frills on the bottom but that is optional.
  13. SugarTyts

    OC Requests

    No but tell me which one and ill just tell you how I want it or go look for a ref for it. :3
  14. SugarTyts

    OC Requests

    Do a body one for now. I need to make another thread for a free request for those who want to practice. :3 Lol
  15. SugarTyts



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