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  1. Update: I would like my silent hill nurse art or any type of silent hill themed / gory art done the most right now. (yes my others will be accepted later if you want to wait) If you are up to it please let me know!
  2. She is adorable!
  3. I'll be fine in time, and same here and I am always open to making new friends. :3
  4. Bust, Sorry, been crying so I didn't read that part. Lol.
  5. Lucy please! Her little stuffed animal is a chubby ghost with arms, If you were wondering what the plush was. Lol, Please make her mysterious and spookyish, have fun with her!
  6. Hi everyone! I have a couple DP I want done! If anyone can do it for cheap(ish) https://prnt.sc/nu82hc ^ With that screenshot(as a ref), Please DM Me, and I will tell you the details for it! ITS A SURPRISE FOR MY BOYFRIEND <3
  7. Style: 5 Screenies: https://prnt.sc/nu82hc Background color: Black or whatever fits Text: SilentHell + Agito Text color: Whatever fits. Watermark text: SilentHell + Agito Additional features: Do Not add the guys necklace or the girls wings(and the nipple batwings, those are for AP and I forgot to take them off). Please add a pokemon megastone as a bracelet for her and as a necklace for him. If you can have them facing each other or her giving him a kiss on the cheek, that would be nice and I will pay extra for it (If you decide to not do. You also do not have to follow the screenshots like they are, Just make them both creepy. Bribe?: Yes Paypal e-mail : I will DM you my email if I am accepted. Total: I will gladly talk to you about the pricing in the DM, I may want to add an animation. <3
  8. @Everyone else: I am still accepting art, I will be going back through My thread to see who all wants to do my art. BUT I do wait to order from someone until everyone I purchased art from, is finished and gets paid. I order from 2 two at a time. and right now I did 3 at a time without even thinking so be patient please. <3 YOU ALL HAVE BEAUTIFUL ART!!!
  9. Can't wait! Looks good.
  10. It looks like a wrapped up cotton candy. I do like the idea of the mask tho, Shes cute. I like it.
  11. Shes cute! Have fun with her, You can make her similar to the silent hill nurse and bandage her up or just go off My ref. The scarier, the better xD If you don't think the horns work well with it, you can leave them off. This is all about you and your creativity! She does look good so far tho, I can't wait.
  12. I messaged you about it.
  13. @ExDies - Please go ahead and do the nurse one. (She is suppose to be referenced to the silent hill nurse, so have fun with that) And I am peachy, You? @iKAN - I am having a hard time deciding if I should have you do the silent hill nurse or the vamp. Lol. But whichever you choose, please go ahead and do it!

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