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About Me

Ten Things I Dislike:
✘ Rap
✘ Spicy Foods
✘ Horror
✘ Clowns
✘ Makeup
✘ Socks
✘ Social Media
✘ Cooking
✘ Drugs/Alcohol
✘ Extreme Heat
Hiya! My name is Stevie~ ♥
Art of Yuka by Five @GASR by ForTheLoveOfYaoiMilk
~Art by Five~
Ten Things I Like:
✓ Music
✓ Anime
✓ Manga
✓ Yaoi
✓ My Friends
✓ Gaming
✓ Sketching
✓ Memes
✓ YouTube
✓ BTS (Army!)
[layout credit] ~ Cause i can't find my own layout

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