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Me and my friend are making Own Creations and are selling them for Credits on IMVU. We made this couple OC together; https://sta.sh/21olymhe06v2?edit=1 which is not and WILL NOT be for sale. Do not steal it. For the prices, you can go to the Wix site i made; https://sumiroll.wixsite.com/owncreations Message me on here if you want to order.

If you order within the week of 3/14/2018 , you can get 200 credits off by telling me "YaoiCream" in your order. 


[We have no OCs yet, but you can go ahead and order. DO NOT pay before ordering or before receiving your OC. Also, please tell us whether you want the OC to be human or not.]


Warning: Your OC may not be done or be given to you within the week of you ordering


  • Please warn me if whatever i'm doing is against GASR rules or any rules in general.

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