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  1. shes looking good so far! if her skintone could be a little closer to the screenie ref and then her holdding a rat (if not a rat just a knife poking her tongue) but everything else looks awesome so far <3 !
  2. 🐸Momom🐸- chibi dps(prices lowered)open

    Sob my wifi is dead till they come and fix it
  3. Achoo-Premades+Adopts (new premade dp))

    So my wifi is down and i cant upload nada

    omgg 1000/10 for your tagline. you gotta sop him up. your art is hella gorg tho oml. do you have any social media?
  5. 🐸Momom🐸- chibi dps(prices lowered)open

    @Ian heres a wip hon! the glasses will be added at the end :>
  6. Achoo-Premades+Adopts (new premade dp))

    @Ian Got it hon! I'll be home in a few mins and get you all the files in a sec <3
  7. Achoo-Premades+Adopts (new premade dp))

    @Ian hello again hon! everything looks good to me <3 please send to milkyguro@gmail.com goodsnservices+ no address needed! I'll get the dp cut and non 3d ver ready <3

    thankyou very much! She is alright now ^^ Moneys been sent!
  9. 🐸Momom🐸- chibi dps(prices lowered)open

    @Ian I'm really sorry for the lagtime, my mother was hospitalized last night so I'm just frazzled OTL. I'll be working on yours and hopefully finishing it tonight.
  10. _KAKEGURUI_ SLOTS: 0/5

    omgg I'm like 100% sorry for the late response My mother was hospitalized so I've just been frantically running around the past 24 hrs I'll be sending the money rn! I'm on mobile so idk how well i can get you proof but i'll add a note to the sent payment
  11. _KAKEGURUI_ SLOTS: 0/5

    ahhhhh he looks great! and none that i can think of <3
  12. 🐸Momom🐸- chibi dps(prices lowered)open

  13. 🐸Momom🐸- chibi dps(prices lowered)open

    sorry for the lag time haaaaaa @Yimu ty sm for ordering! kinda did 3d effect out of habit orz.
  14. 🐸Momom🐸- chibi dps(prices lowered)open

    Rip having no heater is not 100% bad . I get to use my kigurumi and 4 layers of blankets 👏👏👏
  15. 🐸Momom🐸- chibi dps(prices lowered)open

    @Yimu so heres a wipparoo since i went outta order cuz drawing snacks is my fav if everything is A I'll re-line it nicer and slap some colors on :>

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