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  1. marking shop really wanna order deal pack 5 from you >^..^<
  2. bump for my bby doll♥♥ >^..^< , gonna order some more after xmas hopefully ya have slots open lolz
  3. Tyvm bby doll luv it will keep you up to date in pm finally will be bk on a comp today >. <
  4. Luv it bby sorry took so long to reply
  5. It's fine would like my other 2 o.c.s done by you as well luvie if I may
  6. Luv it bby... just have to remember to check my phone o.0
  7. Sent payment may I order another 1 or them both at once luvie?
  8. Followed email off message you sent here luvie xD, works that way for now...
  9. Luv it, did I order just the 1 from you or the other 2 as well and what is owed??
  10. Luv it bby sorry bout the late reply

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