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  1. League of Legends

    appreciation for my lovely lady Lux and her elementalist skin she's lovely
  2. [2018] Lunar New Year Celebration

    this is absolutely precious!! happy lunar year to everyone <3
  3. ohhh my god she is so cute i love pls continue ;u; <3
  4. OHHHH MY GOD SHE IS SOOOO CUTE SO FAR pls proceed my love aa thank you!!
  5. + H E A L M E + slots FULL

    hehehe yes you've drawn my smol bb before thank you sm for accepting!! and the kitty doodle animation is fine it's actually so precious payment sent, lmk if there's any trouble
  6. + H E A L M E + slots FULL

    oc/references: Vera / "maybe never" tank colour vibe: my girl vera luvvsss bright and beautiful colors esp. pink! pastels are pretty cool too background colour: is it possible to do a pastel rainbow gradient type background? if not then any solid color you feel fits best works!! watermark: subtle text: ally animation?: could i have a version of her winking? bribe?: yes password: ghostie
  7. Show Off your Original Character!

    this is Meera!! she's prob the cutest and most colorful person you will ever see/meet. buut, she's also prettyyyy sassy and trolling people is her thing
  8. Games

    where are the homies that play Blade & Soul?
  9. Post Your Mood With A GIF

    my day was awful.
  10. payment sent! let me know if there's any trouble with it or anything :~)
  11. @fresabean - hello!! yes yes i rememeber you did a fantastic job and when i saw ur shop i had to order omg thank you so much for accepting me this is awesome
  12. I'm Ordering: bust Oc/Refs: Vera / jacket zipped up / necklace Text: Ally Extra: pose and expression DP: yes pls!! Price: $26 Keyword: limes aaaa!!
  13. Post Your Mood With A GIF

    me rn sitting in this soul sucking pit of college classes kms
  14. Show Off your Original Character!

    dis is my babygirl Veraaaaaa, she's what i aspire to be tbh. she's cute, shy, a gamer, a model, and is one of the strongest ladies eVER she's such a badass aaaa.
  15. Post Your Mood With A GIF

    me bc i can tear tf up some breakfast food rn..... oml

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