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  1. whittlebaby

    The Secret Door

    @Britty Ooooh yes, we love pastel goth Will def consider. @everyone, if I heart your post you're on my priority list for considerations, the list could change at any time. I should've said this sooner, but was still going through everyone's posts and deciding. You will be notified if yours is picked next. Thanks for sharing your lovely OCs.
  2. whittlebaby

    The Secret Door

    @Drude @Lame Ya'll are cute. ♥ Might try.
  3. whittlebaby

    The Secret Door

    @Drude It's been a minute, just wanted to let you know I'm working on it. Kept getting distracted. lol
  4. whittlebaby

    The Secret Door

    Gonna try Vapula. c: Here's a hella rough sketch so far. Oof lol
  5. whittlebaby

    The Secret Door

    Intro So I had a free art shop before this. Had to go on a trip and never came back to this. Soz, sorry for ghosting. I'm feeling better than before, ready to try things again and expand my art library. Sorry if this is a mess I'll probably fix it up at some point. Examples (Had more but they're all on my now broken laptop, RIP) Things I can/will do Avatar edits (160x220)- OCs- Repaints- Line art- Chibi (Never made one, but I'm down)- I will pretty much try anything because... Expansion? o.o- Only doing bust up pics right now, unless I really want to do full body then I'll just do it unexpectedly- ~RULES and other stuff~ -Obviously anything listed in the community guidelines -Patience is a virtue -This is not first come first serve -I'll probably pick and choose as I please so I don't get uninspired and poof again (please don't take it personal. ♥) -There's no slots because I don't want to make promises and let people down if I change my mind in the future. x.x -**PLEASE do not just say "creative freedom", "Whatever inspires you", etc. The details you give me will help inspire me.** Things I like All the references- Nerd stuff- Cute stuff- Dark stuff- Creepy stuff- I suck at horror but I like that stuff too- DnD OCs cause I just started playing!- Da Magic Form (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (Feel free to customize the form if you would like me to try something that's not listed) Username: Size: Leave it big or make it DP sized? Style: Lineart, edit, repaint, or chibi? Screenshots and/or references: Please include pose ideas for OCs (For OCs) Background Story, personality, theme: Background story not required, but I like~ Notes: Ask questions if you're unsure of something. c:
  6. whittlebaby

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    @Weebus Hope you like. I haven't done anything digital in a couple years.~

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