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  1. @Sated Okay, now I'm done. Hope you like it. lol
  2. @Naden Get out. xD
  3. Don't even trip. ♥ You know I always have slots open. lol Lay it on meh.
  4. @Sated Working slowly, but surely. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. @lSinny Yay! I'm glad you like it.
  6. @lSinny Sorry for the wait, I've been really struggling with this one. It's been a challenge. But anyway, here's a little update. c:
  7. Update: I just opened an NSFW version of my shop, if anyone is interested. Here it be x
  8. (Is this an appropriate place to post this?) Sorry if you came to this post thinking that I have found the answer as to how to apply a dark theme to painttool sai. This actually me seeing if anyone has been able to effectively apply a dark theme to painttool sai? I have a dark theme on everything else so the white background, especially when I'm doing art stuff, really messes with my eyes. WE NEED DARKNESS
  9. @BlueVee Yay! glad you think so.~
  10. @BlueVee Here's your bab. Hope you like it. c:
  11. @BlueVee Here's the outline. Let me know if I missed anything and I'll start coloring tomorrow. c:

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