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  1. WakeMeNever

    Practice and Examples!

    Hello!! Your art is so lovely β™₯ Drawn DP from scratch, please! Text: Jess References: Meee~ Background / Transparent: Whatever you'd like to do ~ Misc: I have dark blue eyes and freckles all over my face ;o and a dimple on my right cheek~ also my hair is long, it's just in a ponytail xD Music inspo: (optional) Addictedβ™₯ thank you so much for consideringβ™₯β™₯
  2. Oops I forgot to reply~
  3. @Nirwi that's quite alright! If you wouldn't mind ;o DP Form: Text: Cerise Refs/OCs: Cerise Style: Style 2 please Theme: Cherry Blossom themed~ Colours: Everything in the screenies please~ Extra: Chery blossom flowercrowns around each of her buns please β™₯ Tips: N/A $Amount: Free Thank you so much for considering bbβ™₯
  4. @Nirwi dont be sorry, I understand!! Of course you may try to get the files but I completely get it if you're unable to, don't worry about it❀ and if you can't then that's fine, you don't have to do it all again~
  5. WakeMeNever

    UWU Sketchy Headshots [Closed]

    Omg, she's so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for making art of her ❀❀ your art is so beautiful and I can't thank you enough!! ❀❀😘😘
  6. WakeMeNever

    UWU Sketchy Headshots [Closed]

    ref: Phi (Only the blue haired one) want dp crop?: Yes pls β™₯ if dp, please specify background color: Light blue if dp, text?: Phi anything else I should know?:ο»Ώ Phi is a greek olympian goddess whose powers are telepathy and telekinesis. Her hair is a darker colored blue, and she has two heart tattoos; one below her right eye and one on her left breast. Her dress is like this and not in the screenies. I only want the Blue Haired Avi Done xD Thank you so much for considering bb, your art is beautifulβ™₯β™₯
  7. @Nirwi Ahh thank you for accepting. Please, take your time!! β™₯
  8. @Nirwi Aww yuss! Okay ordering time //cryingbecauseyourethelightofmylife Form: Text: Juno (blonde girl) Phi (Blue haired girl) Seren (blue haired girl's baby) Refs/OCs: Juno&&Phi Theme: Family/Couple themed~ Colours: Everything in the refs (will explain more in the "extra" section~) Extra: My friend's oc is named Juno. She's a fallen angel, and she has bruises and cuts and blood all over her body. She has blonde hair (in refs) and a beautiful white lace dress. She has tan-ish skin, and beautiful pink lips. Her eyes are a light green. My oc is named Phi. She is the blue haired avi in the refs. She's a goddess from Olympus, and she has a daughter who is eight months old, Seren. My avi will be holding the baby, but I want Phi and Juno to be close, like a cute couple/family pose, with Phi (blue hair) holding the baby, but Juno also loving up on both Phi and Seren. Phi has beautiful dark blue emo-styled hair, and her dress is more lacey, like this and her skin is very pale. She has beautiful white eyes, that are kind of 3D colored. She has two heart tattoos; one below her right eye, and one on her left breast. She has a crown, and everything else in the refs. Seren is Phi's daughter, who is eight months old and a small baby. She has light blue hair, and would be about this size with the hair length being the same as the picture, and her little outfit is baby pink. She has dark blood red eyes, and her skin is very pale. She has a little heart under her left eye. Tips: N/A $Amount: 20,000 Credits Thank you so much for considering~β™₯
  9. @Nirwi Do you do couples/children?? ;o
  10. WakeMeNever

    Practice! CLOSED FOR NOW

    Text: Orchid OC: Orchidβ™₯ Extra: Artistic Freedomβ™₯~ Thank you so much for considering!!β™₯~
  11. WakeMeNever

    Weeb trash

    God your art is so gorgeous I treasure it so hard *~* ❀
  12. @Sadist O yes bb, yum yum Damn I want pancakes and bacon now xD thanks for accepting love ❀ I'm excited to see how she turns out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  13. WakeMeNever

    i need examples -- thanks.

    TEXT: Novessa, Cerise, or Cascade (whichever one you feel you want to do) WHAT ARE YOU ORDERING?: (are you ordering a pixel doll, a character sheet, headshot, what is it?): Half-body~~ REF(s): Novessa Cerise Cascade BG: For Novessa, maybe a dark background; For Cerise, a Cherry Blossom Tree? And for Cascade, something watery~ SIZE: 160x220 and/or big art EXTRA: For Novessa, she has rainbow eyes, and she has the outfit that she has on in the refs except the stockings are rainbow, and there's a rainbow design on her shirt. She has a septum, an eyebrow piercing on her left eyebrow, and snakebites; she also has rainbow gauges that are small. She also has a shuriken that is in the refs~. Cerise has pretty earrings an a necklace in the refs; her eyes go from this beautiful light gold to pink. SHe has cherry blossom flower-crowns around her twin buns. She has a gold nose ring on the side of her right nostril. Cascade is a water-goddess, she has deer ears and tail that are made from water and water around her hands; her hair actually goes from Dark blue on top, fading into light blue, to light green, to white at the ends. Her eyes go from green on the outside to blue on the inside. PIXEL?: No thank youβ™₯β™₯ Thank you so very much for considering! Your art is so cute ;O
  14. WakeMeNever

    Weeb trash

    Aw I'm so sorry bb ;-; I'm here if you need to talk to someone ❀❀ that sucks and ik how it feels because semi-same ;w; I've got u bb, don't stress if you can't or don't feel like drawing ❀

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