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  1. WakeMeNever

    -TEMP- Startup practice -OPEN-

    Scratch ❀ References: Elowen Genocide Jess ❀ Text: Elowen or Genocide Jess ❀ Extra: Whatever you'd like to add!! Thank you so much for considering, your example looks so beautiful. Also, I wasn't sure if it was okay to post so just lemme know! ♥♥ :'>
  2. WakeMeNever

    im back!!!

    Hello!! Text: Jess for screenies, OC names if you choose ~ OCs: Elowen Genocide Jess SCreenies: Eggo my Toasto Aliens Rite Elfie Thank you so much for considering!! ♥♥
  3. WakeMeNever

    .-°-.-° Against the Current °-.-°-. [OPEN]

    Form: I want art Text: The name that corresponds with the art please ^-^ References: Elowen Genocide Jess Extra: Whatever you'd like to add 🙂 Link me a song you like: Kisses♥ Thank you so much for considering!! ♥
  4. WakeMeNever

    Practice on stream !

    Omg she's so beautiful! Thank you so much for choosing me, your art style is so lovely. The font is good, thank you so much again ❤❤❤❤❤
  5. WakeMeNever

    Practice on stream !

    Text: Names that correspond with the OC If you do names <3 OCs: Genocide Jess Elowen Style: I would prefer Anime but you can do whatever you want <3 Thank you so much for considering! Lovely art btw <3
  6. WakeMeNever

    ☾ OC Fun ☽

    Aw thank you so much! She's so beautiful ❤❤
  7. WakeMeNever

    ♡USERNAME: WakeMeNever ♡OC(S): Elowen Genocide Jess ♡STYLE: (MAY NOT GET STYLE OF CHOICE, SORRY ; V ; ) Preferred Semi-Realism but you may choose ^-^ ♡EXTRA: Artistic freedom! Whatever you want to add 🙂 ♡MUSIC: Addicted to it lmao Thank you so much for considering!
  8. WakeMeNever


    form; screenies; Blipp Eggu Alienss Fairy extra; Whatever you want to add!! text; Jess Thank you so much for considering, lovely art! ♥
  9. WakeMeNever

    ☾ OC Fun ☽

    Form Text: Genocide Jess or Elowen OC's: Elowen Genocide Jess Thank you so much for considering~
  10. WakeMeNever

    let me experiment w u

    Ocs: Genocide Jess (OC) Elowen (OC) SCreens: Blip Eggo Aliens man Text: Ones that correspond with the OC or Jess for screenies Thank you very much for considering! ♥
  11. Aw yes eye friends ❤ and it's okay ^^
  12. Oh don't worry, I'm going blind in my left eye lol. Of course ❤️
  13. Oh it's okay! Don't be sorry, I know those things can be hard to see and easy to miss, it's okay ❤
  14. @Sadist Would you mind telling me what I missed? I keep rereading the intro/rules and I cannot find what I missed ??? I'm so sorry for the inconvenience ;-;
  15. .:form oc, monster, or animal? : Oc ~ theme (scary/cute/magical/etc.) :Gore/Sexy examples : Genocide Jess☥ any extra requests: If possible, could you add "Genocide Jess" on the art? Tysvm♥ Thank you so much for considering~

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