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  1. WakeMeNever

    ✩ ♡ Love, D.Va ♡ ✩

    Form: Screenshots: Boop♥ What you like? (themes, colors, etc): Whatever fits with the screenies~ Main text: Jess Watermark text: WakeMeNever
  2. WakeMeNever


    ~ Form ~ Text - Lucian Theme - Sexy Demon~ Refs - Bloop♥ Background - A night starry sky (if you're able, a moon would be pretty~) Music Inspo - Bloop♥ I love this song, my choir teacher is making us sing it and tbh i'm obsessed Animation - (if any): Blinking or sparkling of the eyes? ;o Comments/Extra: Your art is so beautiful and lovely! Thank you so much for considering♥
  3. WakeMeNever

    send help

    @Nimwit OMFG BB I DIDNT KNOW U OPENED A SHOP FOFMVKFMFMFKF check disc latee I have some stuff to tell u, also I'm leaving a form bc like ugh ur art is perf❤
  4. WakeMeNever

    [FULL] Hima's Drawing (Avipic Edits)

    I paid lovey~
  5. WakeMeNever

    [FULL] Hima's Drawing (Avipic Edits)

    @Hima Yes Ma'am!
  6. WakeMeNever

    [FULL] Hima's Drawing (Avipic Edits)

    Oh that is completely fine! Thank you so much for placing me ^-^ your art is so lovely♥
  7. WakeMeNever

    [FULL] Hima's Drawing (Avipic Edits)

    FORM Screenies: Boop♥ Background: Black on the blue haired girl's side, and white on the blonde's side Extra: I juust want my tattoo to stay on my boob and the necklace to stay on, other than that feel free to add anything~ Animation: Eye sparkle for both of us ~ Text: Blue haired girl - Jess | Blonde haired girl - Adri Price: 24200 credits?~
  8. WakeMeNever

    [FULL] Hima's Drawing (Avipic Edits)

    May I reserve the spot so I can come and place my form down in a little bit? My friend is coming home and I need some screenies from her! Ofc it's okay if I can't :)
  9. WakeMeNever

    [FULL] Hima's Drawing (Avipic Edits)

    Hello! Are there any places left? ;o
  10. WakeMeNever

    Beacon of Light [OPEN] - credits + paypal

    Thank you so much lovey!! ❤
  11. WakeMeNever

    Beacon of Light [OPEN] - credits + paypal

    Form: (for scratch art) Text: Jess Reference / oc: Bloop♥ Pose / expression: In refs but feel free to change it! PayPal or credits?: Credits Extra: Artistic Freedom! Please add anything you think would look good :') Thank you so much for considering!! ♥
  12. WakeMeNever

    Artsu Request~ (60k IMVU credits)

    Your artsu is so cute, but it isn't a style I'm looking for, im so very sorry
  13. WakeMeNever

    Artsu Request~ (60k IMVU credits)

    LMAO it's okay, your artsu is so cute!! I'm going to wait for a few more people to also join in and then I'll choose ^-^
  14. WakeMeNever

    Artsu Request~ (60k IMVU credits)

    I don't have PayPal sadly, your art is lovely though!! 😊
  15. WakeMeNever

    Artsu Request~ (60k IMVU credits)

    Hello! I would like some art done of me with all of the things in my examples~ it'll be a little NSFW (not nudity)! I would also like the name/text to be "Jess" ~ Artsu ~ Bloop♥ I prefer anime style but I'd like to look at multiple styles before I choose! Thank you all so much♥

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