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  1. WakeMeNever


    FORM: Text: Chika References: Chika♥ Her eyes are also a blood red and her skin is super pale!! (also feel free to change the pose.. and add whatever you think would make her cute like a witchy!) Thank you so much for considering~
  2. WakeMeNever

    i just want to eat my pickles in silence

    »name/username: Chika »references (be specific): Chika♥ »details you want specified: Her haircolor is platinum blonde, her eyes are a dark blood red. Her outfit is black/orange, she has a flogger in one hand and a staff in the other (description for that is under the pic~) Please feel free to change the pose ref bc i couldn't find a decent one i liked lmao. Other than that, artistic freedom!! »give me music or a damnb playlist: Love this song♥ Thank you for considering bb! ♥ I love your finished piece.
  3. WakeMeNever

    Inspired by the breeze FREE SHOP 2/3 SLOTS FULL!!!

    -DP FORM- SKIN # OR REFERENCE: 4 HAIR REF: Hairstyle~ Color~ EYE REF: Eyeshape~ Color~ CLOTHS REF: Clothing~ POSE REF: Pose~ EXTRA:(ILL TRY NOT SURE) I just want her clothes to be black with an orange fringe~ NAME: Jess Thank you so much for considering!!!
  4. WakeMeNever

    Premade 048

    Shes so beautiful!! I love red hair honestly You're so talented bb 😘❤
  5. WakeMeNever

    need some examples again (and pose practice)

    Aww your artsu is so cute!! 😊
  6. WakeMeNever

    bored and want something to work on!

    Text: Chika OC/Refs/screen: Chika♥ Extra: Her eyes are a dark blood red and her skin is super pale!! She's a witch~ Tysvm for considering!
  7. WakeMeNever

    friends (paused) no more orders plz

    Form: Text: Chika Ref/Oc: Chika♥ Extra: Her skin is super pale and she has dark blood red eyes~ She's a witch so if you see anything fitting, feel free to add them! Thank you so much for considering♥
  8. WakeMeNever

    need some examples again (and pose practice)

    FORM: oc/refs: Chika pose: In Refs background: something sexy and dark ;) text: Chika extra: Her eyes are a dark blood red color and she is super pale! You can also add anything you think makes her cute/creepy/sexy idc :) Thank you so much for considering!
  9. Omfg shes so beautiful and amazing!! The background is. Esufifuk honestly, you're so talented doffnkfnfn
  10. You know me well wife ;) 😘❤
  11. Omg shes so beautiful!! Can her eyes both be lighter shades of their colors pls? Thanks bb ❤ also tyt pls 😂😂😭😭
  12. WakeMeNever

    Half shot aesthetic custom Art

    Do you do couples? ;o
  13. WakeMeNever

    { G A I A } | TekTek / Avi Art

    Gaia Avatar / Tek-Tek: (INSERT IMAGE IN HERE, NOT LINK. ONLY 1 TEK-TEK/GAIA AVI PLEASE): Text: (THIS IS FOR DISPLAY PICTURE): Lucian Extra: (ANY IMPORTANT DETAILS THAT CANNOT BE PHYSICALLY SEEN. OR ANY ADDITIONAL THINGS YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD): Her eyes a beautiful yellow, she's very busty, and she has a little bowtie on her neck :3 Tyvsm for considering!!♥
  14. WakeMeNever

    Let's Practice ●◡●

    OCs: Lucian (The blue haired girl. NSFW Example in there) Boop (IMVU screens) Text: Jess Tysvm for considering!! Your art is lovely ♥
  15. WakeMeNever

    💀 Bag o' Bones 💀 Open! [Dp & illustration]

    Aaaah this is amazing //crying your art is beautiful af b

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