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Age: 22

Sun Sign: Pisces

Moon Sign: Capricorn


Enneagram: 1-8-3 

Major: Psychology and Political Science (prelaw)

Likes: ambitious people, realness and honesty, bold and strong personalities, people who aren't inept in sympathizing or understanding others for the sake of progression, clarity, communication, growing and learning, people who self reflect or a strong sense of introspection, people who embody their ideals and their principles (praxis), critical thinking, elegant and sophisticated aesthetics, combative and soci poli themes, feminism (if it isn't intersectional it ain't shit), fashion, cats, cats, and lots of cats.

Dislikes: lack of emotional intelligence, the willfully ignorant, bigots, racists, sexists, homophobia/biphobia/transphobia, xenophobia, 'neutral' complacent/complicit people, people who lack self awareness, people who result to mockery or poor social skills when concerning strong subjects due to being uncomfortable of being challenged on their predisposed beliefs they either actively partake in or not, rudeness, stagnation, passive aggressive people, ass-kissers, etc(to be continued.)


You can find me on:

- pm for discord



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