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// Art by HITOSHI // Character by Finn //


Jasmine Love



English Only


I'm a pretty chill lil lass.

Unless we touch the subject of Adventure!

And that is not an Adventure Time joke lol.

I really enjoy adventure stories, comics, games, rp, larp.

I'm a real big dork for that stuff, gets my engines chuggin'.


I dislike very few things, just the normal stuff

drama, rudeness, edge lords, stupidity, stuff like that.

OH! and wet socks! Its like cruel and unusual punishment.

It's really really REALLY HARD to get on my bad side,

and even if you do its just as hard to stay there heh.

I don't like to hold grudges or throw shade, too much effort.

I'm a real lazy bones when it comes to being mean.


Feel free to post on my wall... page... thing.

I don't bite.



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