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  1. "Is this new?"

    Not sure if I was dreaming, but was there talk of the ability to start groups being implemented at some point?
  2. heya finn i didn't realize that you were also the same username in imvu until i saw that pulse and realized that i saw that badge in the premade market before HAHA

    i'm hella stupid

    1. Finn


      LOL! Right before you followed me I saw your pulse on Imvu and was like. . . I know I've seen that picture somewhere. :imath:



      LOL i sent you a friend request then literally went on gasr right after to check my follow list and realized that i didn't follow you for some reason??? so i just did lmao

    3. Finn


      Tank ya tank ya! *scuttles away to accept friends request*


  3. GASR Survey Results!

    @Marona @Fervent Sorry I didn't elaborate, I meant more like anonymous feedback specifically for the staff, not the forum itself. Like compliments (since you guys take a lot of crap and its nice to read some compliments once and a while when you need to step back to woosah and know that you are appreciated) and personal suggestions (since I saw a lot of people saying they were intimidated by you guys and scared to give feedback on your behavior or how you are viewed to them as members). Helps negate that whole chaotic white knight syndrome some people have that ends in them insulting peeps and poo hitting the fan.
  4. GASR Survey Results!

    Would be nice to see a survey like this again, I didn't get to participate. Must have been up while I was gone. You should try to implement a suggestion box one day maybe?
  5. Is that picture from Disgaea?

    1. Kelsey



    2. Finn


      Who is she?

  6. :@D@::@D@::@D@::@D@::@D@::@D@::@D@::@D@::@D@::@D@::@D@::@D@:
    Hey hot stuff

    1. Beanaru
    2. doll


      hello lovemuffin.  ♥ ♥ 



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