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  1. @Sooky All done! Thank you for ordering!! <3 @Jahh Wip for chu!!
  2. @Playtime Any changes before i animate??
  3. All done!! Thank you so much for ordering! ( Also i made it pinku and was like AH this is cuter ;w;)
  4. @chu Any changes before i animate?? owo
  5. Im glad you like it so far!! owo and of course <3
  6. @chu Wip for you!! and invoice sent <3
  7. @Caedis All done love!! Hope you like it! Let me know if i should change/fix anything
  8. Okay!! I'll fix that uwu and thank you <3
  9. @Caedis Wip for chu!! and invoice sent <3
  10. JAH!!! Accepted!! The price will be $32 uwu
  11. @Caedis Accepted!! <3 The total will be $27 ;w;

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