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  1. Welcome to my custom shop!! GOAL SHOP $374/$500 E X A M P L E S Semi-Realism - $35 Detailed coloring and shading Anime - $20 Detailed anime coloring and shading Manga - $10 Get to pick a single color for a manga style Chibi - $20 Full body with detailed anime coloring and shading Big Art - $35 480x660 size comes with dp crops (optional animation) *Bust & Waist up only* for now with detailed anime coloring and shading Simple backgrounds! R U L E S ☆ My art is only from scratch ;3; ☆ Simple animations included (ex: Blinking, sparkles) ☆ Small animals/ plushies are an extra $5 ☆ Couples are double the price ☆ Chibis have no animation** ☆ For payment please include your Paypal/Email so i can send an invoice (you can pm that to me instead too!) *invoice will be sent after 2nd/3rd Wip. you can pay then or wait until the order is finished* ☆No refunds!! ☆ Wips will be shown if you want! usually i'll show 2-3 F O R M ♥ Style: ♥ Text: ♥ References: ♥ Animation (Optional): ♥ Price: ♥ Paypal/Email (can pm it to me): S L O T S ☆ 1. Waifus - ☆ 2. open ☆ 3. open ☆ 4. open
  2. @Wrath All done <3!
  3. @Wrath Hopefully this is better owo?
  4. @Wrath Any changes before i animate? @ultraball Thank you! owo
  5. @Wrath Thank you!! owo I'll continue working on it :3
  6. @Wrath Sketch wip for chu! owo and invoice sent <3
  7. Sabbu

    E B I C H U ✧˖ ° ( 16 ) ( 1 NEW!!)

    @Spookie Sold to you! Yes i can change the color for you <3
  8. Ebichu art service, leave it to me to draw anything! Thanks for stopping by! “Chu~" PLEASE SUPPORT MY SHOP ☆ Examples Rules ☆ I don't mind spamming owo ♥ ☆ Please be nice T_T ☆ My art is only from scratch ;3; ☆ Changes might be able to be made just ask me! I charge extra for them. Charges may vary! ☆ For payment please include your Paypal/Email so i can send an invoice (you can pm that to me instead too!) ☆ If you can’t pay for the order right away, keep me updated, please! ☆ Please use the form!! (If youre on mobile just put premade, text and price) ☆ Suggestions for premades are always welcome! x No stealing or tracing! Available ☆ Premades Ribbon- $35 Unicorn- $20 Teddy- $20 Glitter- $30 Pink- $20 Kitty- $20 Blue- $30 Night- $25 Ruby- $25 Spike- $20 Vamp PYOC - $20 Bite PYOC- $20 Red - $20 Pumpkin PYOC - $20 Bunny- $20 Chain- $15 uwu- $10 On Hold / Sold Sold to Spookie Demon- $25 Sold to Skink Pup- $45 Sold to Lunna Cat- $35 Form ♥ Premade: ♥ Text: ♥ Price: ♥ Paypal/Email: (can pm it to me) Credit to Stardust-palace @ DA for pixels
  9. @Wrath No problem! owo And don't feel bad Also starting your order soon! <3
  10. @Wrath LMAOOO its okay!! i'll fix the form uwu
  11. @Remba All done! I hope you like it! If you want any changes let me know :3
  12. @Remba No problem owo! <3
  13. @Remba Is this better O:?
  14. @Remba Does everything look okay before i animate? O: @Wrath & @waifus Both accepted
  15. @Remba Wip for chu owo and invoice sent <3
  16. @Remba Accepted! The price will be $25 owo
  17. @Anneke Thank you!! and of course you can have artist freedom! owo <3
  18. FORM Name: Sabbu Ref (be as specific as possible): xx Pose: cuddling her bunny <3 Expression: cute/happy owo Background ideas: up to you~ Extra: none <3 (been dying to get art from you!!! )
  19. @Derish Got it! Thank you so much for ordering <3
  20. @Derish Almost done! just have to add the background! <3 Any changes? O:
  21. @Derish Wip for you <3 Also invoice sent :3
  22. @Derish Accepted!

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