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  1. @SourMango Does everything look good before i animate? owo
  2. @Sheeply All done! Thank you for ordering @SourMango Wip for chu! (i added a tail cuz i thought it was cute ;w; but i can take it off if you dont like it!) @Suni Hihi <3 Accepted!! (i was just about to message you saying im ready for your order! LMAO) Is $45 okay? ;w;
  3. type wanted : Pixel chibi paypal : Rainbowx917@gmail.com references : chu~ simple background : yes! (blood splatter?) expression : shy/cute animation : blink, sparkles bribe: none
  4. @Sheeply Accepted! Yes you can dm the refs <3 The price is $25 unless you have an animal/plushie then its $30 ;w;
  5. It's okay!! And thank you! I'll pm you the dp in a few minutes :3

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