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  1. @waifus Done! Thank you for ordering!! <3 @lLiw Thank you! <3
  2. @waifus Its no problem! i wasnt sure what to do for the background so im glad you are! @Elliern Accepted!! <3
  3. @waifus Is this better?
  4. @waifus Almost done!! Want any changes before i animate? O:
  5. @waifus Wip for you! <3 owo and invoice sent!
  6. @Wrath Hopefully this is better owo?
  7. @Wrath Any changes before i animate? @ultraball Thank you! owo
  8. @Wrath Thank you!! owo I'll continue working on it :3
  9. @Wrath Sketch wip for chu! owo and invoice sent <3
  10. Sabbu

    E B I C H U ✧˖ ° ( 16 ) ( 1 NEW!!)

    @Spookie Sold to you! Yes i can change the color for you <3
  11. @Wrath No problem! owo And don't feel bad Also starting your order soon! <3
  12. @Wrath LMAOOO its okay!! i'll fix the form uwu
  13. @Remba All done! I hope you like it! If you want any changes let me know :3

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