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About Songbird

  • Birthday 07/27/1994


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  1. Songbird

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    @NovaStar I had a lot of fun drawing her
  2. Songbird

    Work In Progress

  3. Songbird

    Work In Progress

  4. Songbird

    Redraw Old Artwork

    2016: 2017:
  5. Songbird


  6. Songbird


    @Cracker Challenge accepted
  7. Songbird


  8. Songbird


    My cat is a gold mine of meme material
  9. Songbird

    Your Artwork when you first started vs now

    Name: Sara Age when you started & age now: 14-15(?), 23 How much time between them?: 9-8 years Oh god I'm cringing (I have yet to dig through my ancient photobucket) Now: (I only draw from scratch, I forgot how to edit. rip)
  10. Songbird

    The Weird Things You Do

    I cuss at the traffic all alone in my car I cannot go 1 drive without doing it I swear loool I buy make up and never wear it I have that "resting bitch face" all the time lool I love watching stuff about crimes/murders/ anything, you name it I sleep with socks during summer.... xD
  11. Wendy omg hiiiii

    1. Yeri



    2. Songbird
  12. Songbird


    Yes that is my cat, I just had to lol
  13. hi im a fan

    1. Songbird


      Im a fan of u bb

    2. Yeri


      omg les be fans together

  14. Songbird

    Freebies Thread

    This is an old premade I was never able to sell, enjoy! Don't resell/edit/claim as your own You can add your own text

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