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  1. It's beautiful can I have a version without the 18+? here's pop @Pantone
  2. I love it!! Going to forward it to Pantone for the banner-ify, thanks again and can't wait to feature your work in our room art again ♥
  3. FORM Name For The Order: Sexologist What Are You Ordering? Room Display Art (205x90 please) References (minimum of 3 links): OC Theme/Aesthetic: Dating Sim! Details: The Starbutts logo, with (18+) on the right side of it, and the words "Rent-A-Girlfriend!" beneath it Animations: Some floating hearts would really be adorable! And "Press Start" fading in and out like last time would be super uwu Background: Artistic freedom, although something romantic and magical looking is preferred Total Due: 20,000 cr File Type Needed: GIF  Email for Files / Invoice: mikokamu@gmail.com Character art is finally finished and ready for your blessings! @Pantone
  4. Oh wow, it looks amazing! Can we go without the dimple piercings (I know they were in my refs oof) but other than that it's perfect
  5. Wow, I'm obsessed already! No changes
  6. Hi queen may I please have a banner slot? I'll fill out the form asap, but it'll be super similar to my last beautiful order you made! (Still love and use 12/10)
  7. Form Type: Full Color Pose: thissa one + those kneesocks with 2 blue bands instead of 3. Cropped @ the chin like last time ~ OC: https://sta.sh/22ajbf8u9qk?edit=1 w/ smirk Outfit: http://prntscr.com/ly640y Text: None/Transparent Animations: Hair + Breasts Total: $50 (if that works for you ♥)
  8. That's so cute! I wanna order from you again soon 😭 What's the wait time looking like for another banner? @Pantone
  9. ˚♥ Name : Sexologist ˚♥ References: https://sta.sh/2f5x17ytn9v?edit=1 & https://sta.sh/22ajbf8u9qk?edit=1 ˚♥ Animation? ˚♥ Expression: : In first ref link ♥ ˚♥ Background? Transparent ˚♥ Text : Sexologist ˚♥ Price : 90,000 cr (Headshot) ˚♥ Tip?(optional): TBD ˚♥ Have you read the rules? : Yes!
  10. I made an edit to my form (swapped out ref for OC #2) hope that's okay @FireAkra
  11. otay ~ ORDER FORM - Commission type: 90s style - References: Character 1 (Right side) wearing this outfit Character 2 (Left side) - Pose: This one! I would like it cropped the same way too, so don't worry about drawing any detailed faces! - Paypal email: mikokamu@gmail.com - Total price: Quote please ♥ @FireAkra EDIT: New reference for Character 2 (Left side)
  12. Are you taking any new orders? Amazing art ♥

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