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  1. Sexologist

    OuO Shop | DP, Halfbody, Fullbody, Chibi | Open 3/4 Slots

    Wow, I'm obsessed already! No changes
  2. Sexologist


    Name: Sexologist Theme: Sexy / Pinup / Glam Refs: https://sta.sh/22ajbf8u9qk?edit=1 Hair: https://sta.sh/2gp2cnrjtjv?edit=1 Outfit: https://sta.sh/01hrx32kuany (optional) Details: https://sta.sh/03l07czqlxq Everything else: Artistic freedom Sank you for considering ~
  3. Hi queen may I please have a banner slot? I'll fill out the form asap, but it'll be super similar to my last beautiful order you made! (Still love and use 12/10)
  4. Sexologist

    OuO Shop | DP, Halfbody, Fullbody, Chibi | Open 3/4 Slots

    Form Type: Full Color Pose: thissa one + those kneesocks with 2 blue bands instead of 3. Cropped @ the chin like last time ~ OC: https://sta.sh/22ajbf8u9qk?edit=1 w/ smirk Outfit: http://prntscr.com/ly640y Text: None/Transparent Animations: Hair + Breasts Total: $50 (if that works for you ♥)
  5. Sexologist

    OuO Shop | DP, Halfbody, Fullbody, Chibi | Open 3/4 Slots

    Are you still taking orders bb? ~
  6. That's so cute! I wanna order from you again soon 😭 What's the wait time looking like for another banner? @Pantone
  7. Sexologist

    YunBie Custom DP Shop (Paypal/Credits) OPEN (1/5)

    ˚♥ Name : Sexologist ˚♥ References: https://sta.sh/2f5x17ytn9v?edit=1 & https://sta.sh/22ajbf8u9qk?edit=1 ˚♥ Animation? ˚♥ Expression: : In first ref link ♥ ˚♥ Background? Transparent ˚♥ Text : Sexologist ˚♥ Price : 90,000 cr (Headshot) ˚♥ Tip?(optional): TBD ˚♥ Have you read the rules? : Yes!
  8. 𝒢𝒾𝓂𝓂𝑒 𝓈𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝒶𝓇𝓉! Name/Text: N/A Watermark: (Optional) References: http://prntscr.com/koc9h3 Extra Information: Feel free to adjust the pose to suit your strengths! Overall Theme: Sexy, Starry, Galaxy, Money, Retro Gaming Background: Transparent / None Scratch or Repaint: Scratch Art type: Hips Paypal or Credits: Credits Total Price: 15k
  9. Sexologist

    ★ ~Fireakra's Art Shop~ ★

    I made an edit to my form (swapped out ref for OC #2) hope that's okay @FireAkra
  10. Sexologist

    ★ ~Fireakra's Art Shop~ ★

    Yes, looks good to me!
  11. Sexologist

    ★ ~Fireakra's Art Shop~ ★

    otay ~ ORDER FORM - Commission type: 90s style - References: Character 1 (Right side) wearing this outfit Character 2 (Left side) - Pose: This one! I would like it cropped the same way too, so don't worry about drawing any detailed faces! - Paypal email: mikokamu@gmail.com - Total price: Quote please ♥ @FireAkra EDIT: New reference for Character 2 (Left side)
  12. Sexologist

    ★ ~Fireakra's Art Shop~ ★

    Are you taking any new orders? Amazing art ♥
  13. Alright, ready to order! I would like your next available slot, but also would like it to be private so I'll PM you the order details if that's okay! @Pantone
  14. *jumps for joy* Yay! I will send you the order details within the next few days 💕

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