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    May I please claim your bribe slot? I'm PM the order details @Alz
  2. $4 Cheebs

  3. ii thank you so much, I love it!!
  4. Here's proof http://prntscr.com/it0efp ♥
  5. Can we do the nails and lip color as they are in the stash? and I changed my mind on the glasses, sorry! Then no more changes ♥
  6. It's looking great! Can we add these? https://sta.sh/217kgcae5ssi?edit=1 and https://sta.sh/01qbx2flo289
  7. I would lower and round out her cleavage a bit more like this http://prntscr.com/iszvpy, but other than that it's looking good!
  8. Form: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Username: Sexologist Style: 1 Text: Sexologist Refs: This character , and this (off the shoulder) labcoat w/ this outfit underneath. Anything I should know?: The character is VERY busty, her proportions are meant to be unrealistic. I wear a 105 head scaler in game to balance this out Background: Artistic freedom Animation: None Props: I'd really love this pose/prop if possibru ♥ https://sta.sh/013xtw8ebqwl Payment Method: Credits Price: 30k
  9. Want to try this out >.<

    OC: https://sta.sh/220uw7ouzib6?edit=1 Clothing: https://sta.sh/225yfl8bluuk?edit=1 (Choose any) Expression: https://sta.sh/026fveghqtcz Sank you for considering My favorite thing to do in my free time is suggest name changes for my IMVU friends, it is my secret passion
  10. Matty's Custom Shop | Slots Full

  11. ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 2/2/!! (NEWSTYLE)

  12. $4 Cheebs

    @YandereHox Here's proof ♥ http://prntscr.com/io9oqi http://prntscr.com/io9ou2
  13. $4 Cheebs

    Adorable art!! I want: bubble Text: Sexologist References: https://sta.sh/220uw7ouzib6?edit=1 Outfit: https://sta.sh/01hrx32kuany Expression: https://sta.sh/026fveghqtcz Background: Transparent Extra: (Details) https://sta.sh/03l07czqlxq Total Price: 4k credits
  14. Realism/Semi-realism

    @Aoid Alright, thank you for clarifying! Text: Sexologist (Source: Pexels, free for personal and commercial use) OPTIONAL: If you can incorporate any of these references into the repaint, that would be amazing! Thank you for considering!

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