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  1. I’m sorry if I haven’t updated the progress of the orders, the truth is that I haven’t made much progress because I have a project in the school about creating a web page and honestly html and css is way too complicated for me! ;-; ugh I want to finish already!!!

    1. Hiroki


      Good luck!

    2. Kerasi


      Gooood luck with the project! Hopefully you can get it done soon bc I'm sure it's kind of stressful >o< :cutethumbsup:

  2. Some of my customers are way too nice with me! I love theeeem ❤️

  3. Correctly received! I’ll send you a WIP soon @Vagus yup no trouble~ I think I’ll be drawing Mercy’s by then , I’ll add you to the slots ^^
  4. Ah don’t worry! I’ll check it as soon as I have a good internet ^^ Excellent then! ^^ thanks for considering me
  5. Don’t worry at all it’s not difficult to draw her bunny! Price is still the same ^^, accepted!
  6. Beautiful and colorful design! Can’t wait to draw her, accepted!~
  7. Yup I don’t have any trouble~ but just to let you know that he will look like the drawings on the examples
  8. Hello everyone! This shop is now OPEN!!! Only two slots available. for those who are still interested and posted their forms before, please post them again~ Remember paying after accepted to secure your slot ^^
  9. Aaah thank you! 💕💕 I’ve been considering it lately but I’m not sure if it would be a success;; and it worries me a bit hehe, but thanks for the advice! I’ll raise them in a near future ^^ Ohh~ I hope to see you soon here again then n.n
  10. I’m sorry I’m not saving slots for anyone ;-;, I’ll work as the orders come
  11. Yup! There’s no problem at all ^^ post your form tomorrow when I open the shop please ~
  12. Hello! For those who are still interested in ordering from my shop. I'll be opening only two slots tomorrow morning ^^ If you already posted a form please post it again when you see my opening post ~ Thanks for your attention (?
  13. Hello! For those who are still interested in ordering from my shop.

    I'll be opening only two slots tomorrow morning ^^ 


    1. Hiroki


      I’d love to order if I make it in time!

  14. First batch of orders completed! I must say that it was really hard to finish all of them and took me a lot to complete;; 

    Thank you for being patient!

    That's why I'm only going to open two slots tomorrow~

      :pblushing: <3


    kw4A3aT.gif  5CGllht.gif  cUIylxv.gif

    1. Hiroki


      So cute!

    2. Grit


      Wow! You improved so much! Def gotta order from you soon :klove:

  15. I have stomach problems again because I spend a lot of time sitting down and it's not even because I’ve been working on commissions, but because I’ve been doing homework since Thursday;;;.

    I hate having these problems + my back is annoying me lately >:( someone is angry right now 

    1. Hiroki


      I hope that you feel better soon

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