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  1. I just want to say that a whole month has passed since I made a post about a guy I was dating, finally today we both took our own ways, It didn't end well at all, we had a fight before and we stoped talking for some days, he finally wrote me back apologizing about what happened, we were supossed to be fixing that problem when we started fighting again , we had a big ass discussion and finally he wrote me the rest of the stuff he couldn't say, at the very end of his message he told me "Vete a la verga" the equivalent of "Go fuck yourself" in english, which is a pretty RUDE insult here in Mexico. Yall can't imagine how shitty I felt. He said he didn't want anything to do with me anymore and then he unfriend me and blocked me from social media.

    I'm pretty hurt right now, I should have followed your advices and now I feel really stupid, I know that things didn't happen the best way but it was the right thing, I won't ever talk to him again, this type of thing... I won't let it happen again, I have learned from this experience, it wasn't a good relationship but I got so used to it that it felt normal... I was so wrong.


    I just wanted to vent with someone, i'm sorry if I'm being cringy right now, lol. Not the best moment of my life.

    1. Hopey


      im glad this is a lesson for you in the future- but i hate that it ended that way for you ): 


    2. Bedlam


      Sometimes it's better to end things dramatically with cutting all ties. I don't know the whole story, but at least you won't be tempted to see him again. He was your normal but you will adjust. It will be hard but eventually it will stop hurting.

  2. So my shop was temporarily removed again due to inactivity, this time I won't submit a support ticket to get it back since I don't have any time left anymore (my profesional practices have finally started), the last two persons on my to do list will be notified when their art is finished.
    I will open my premade shop again after finishing those two last orders, and I'll be working on bigger pieces for future auctions.
    Hope everything go well and to get a lot of support from you! thanks in advance. :kcheeks::bthanks: ♥

  3. Yesterday was laundry day, so I washed all my clothes and it was hella exhausting, (I wash the clothes for going out by hand) and I decided to wash my favorite bomber jacket (I haven’t used it since December).

    Anyways it’s now ruined! And I don’t know what I did wrong 😭😭. I’m not sure if I can indirectly iron it or what because it’s full of wrinkles everywhere...

    1. Alismora


      Use a steamer, not an iron.  Steaming gets out wrinkles without applying direct heat to the fabric.

  4. I'll try to work as fast as I can to open 3 slots more! send good vibes please:lazecry:

  5. I must confess that I'm in love with a guy much younger than me, I don't even know him personally, we knew each other on a phone game, we exchanged numbers and personal info, and we've been talking everyday during 3 months now. He has become important in my life but he's from another state and we might never meet each other, he likes me back and I've been feeling really happy! I don't know what to do honestly... this sort of '"relationship" we have is going nowhere, and me as the adult I am feel like I should stop all of this because he might get hurt in the end... don't know what to do...

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    2. Anneke



      thank you so much for the advice! You don’t know how much you have helped to clarify my thoughts. I know that’s this would be for the best, he might not see it that way but I know it is! I’ll let him go... thank you dear Paige!



      It’s hard for me to say it out loud but you’re so damn right, thanks for talking from your experience, this is what I needed to comprehend and even to realize even more where this “relationship” is leading... I can say he’s mature for his age but not enough as me and we tend to fight sometimes, I mean it happens in every relationship, he’s 17 and he’s turning 18 in a couple of months, which makes a couple of years of differenc from mine , I’ve been thinking about it and not gonna lie, this hit me “I’m not going to say age gap is a huge deal but you may find yourself in a couple of years experiencing more to life then that person which makes it hard to relate” 

      its kinda hard because he knows about this and he asked me for a chance saying he doesn’t mind getting hurt in the end... which makes me a egoistic girl from my point of view.

      thank you so so much! I’ll do the adult thing, it’s for the best, I know from the very deep that our destiny is to fail as a couple, specially because of the long distance thing...

    3. Valkyrie


      You're welcome! Yeah, I mean men are usually more immature (sorry dudes who read this) and they do develop slower than females on the maturity scale (proven by science but it also depends on what hardships they have to go through or how they were raised as well).  Fighting is normal in a relationship, it's perfectly okay and healthy to fight as long as it remains respectful and level headed, so no going for low blows or insecurities in your partner to actually hurt them (that's immature and causes unnecessary damage). There really is no point giving him a chance if it's going to fail, but if you think it's going to fail and have that mindset then it already failed before you guys even started.


      It would be different if he was in his early to mid 20s, he would have more of a chance to experience adulthood and also able to gain more of a life perspective. If he was older I would say give it a shot even if it is long distance, but now that I know his age, it's not a smart idea. I do support you guys being friends at least, maybe down the line when he gets older then there could be potential to pursue something while dating other people currently, it gives both of you guys a break from each other but still remain good friends. 

      I want to say it's common to meet like-minded individuals, but I would have to disagree, it's pretty hard now to meet someone that really understands you, or at least tries to understand you. If he does mean a lot to you, I definitely think you should cherish that friendship.


      There's perks to a long distance relationship that a real-life relationship doesn't have so I wouldn't rule out the long distance altogether. You know yourself more then I do, so if long distance doesn't work then that's okay, enjoy dating in real life (Coffee & tea dates are my favorite).


      I'm wishing you the best outcome if you ever need to talk my dm is always open!


      Dani :kcheeks:

    4. Paige


      Ofc! I wish you the best! Speaking from someone the exact same age as him I totally get his end but, understand how its affecting you. He'll be okay and so will you. Personally I don't think anyone my age is truly committed to anything quite yet and we have a lot to figure out and would make a relationship hard. Overall I think you're making the right choice and I support you. You've got this. Keep living your best life and make good choices! Like she said too- if you ever need someone to talk to my dm is open as well. Xoxo :klove:

  6. Omg guys! I think I’ll be doing an auction pretty soon ~ I’m so excited!

  7. Helloooo! I will be opening 2-3 slots tomorrow! Thanks in advance to those who are interested :pblushing:

    1. Hiroki


      At what time?

    2. shoua


      Omg, I’m interested! :aww:


  8. My back and my stomach HURT af! *cries in spanish*

    1. Hiroki


      Feel better soon

  9. I’m sorry if I haven’t updated the progress of the orders, the truth is that I haven’t made much progress because I have a project in the school about creating a web page and honestly html and css is way too complicated for me! ;-; ugh I want to finish already!!!

    1. Hiroki


      Good luck!

    2. Kerasi


      Gooood luck with the project! Hopefully you can get it done soon bc I'm sure it's kind of stressful >o< :cutethumbsup:

  10. Some of my customers are way too nice with me! I love theeeem ❤️

  11. Hello! For those who are still interested in ordering from my shop.

    I'll be opening only two slots tomorrow morning ^^ 


    1. Hiroki


      I’d love to order if I make it in time!

  12. First batch of orders completed! I must say that it was really hard to finish all of them and took me a lot to complete;; 

    Thank you for being patient!

    That's why I'm only going to open two slots tomorrow~

      :pblushing: <3


    kw4A3aT.gif  5CGllht.gif  cUIylxv.gif

    1. Hiroki
    2. Grit


      Wow! You improved so much! Def gotta order from you soon :klove:

  13. I have stomach problems again because I spend a lot of time sitting down and it's not even because I’ve been working on commissions, but because I’ve been doing homework since Thursday;;;.

    I hate having these problems + my back is annoying me lately >:( someone is angry right now 

    1. Hiroki


      I hope that you feel better soon

  14. Hello guys! Just to let you know that I'm still working on orders from my shop, thanks for having a lot of patience with me ;-;

    sorry for the inconvenience, I know I work slow ;;

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