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  1. Anneke

    E u p h o r i a - 起 |2/2 slots available!

    Correctly received! Please be patient for the WIP ^o^
  2. Anneke

    E u p h o r i a - 起 |2/2 slots available!

    Cuteee~ accepted! You may send payment now, I’ll send a WIP later ^^

    NIY5fd0.gif nqUqG2p.gif

    1. Kyo


      So cute dp:klovee:

  4. Anneke


    New premade is up in my shop! ^o^ ♥ Available in two versions.
  5. Anneke

    E u p h o r i a - 起 |2/2 slots available!

    Correctly received :) I'll send you a WIP later ^^
  6. Anneke

    E u p h o r i a - 起 |2/2 slots available!

    Omg hello! your profile pic! accepted, I love the outfit so much, you may send payment now ^^
  7. Aww my parents are dancing and laughing at each other, it's been a long time since they didn't, guess they still like each other ♥

  8. I'm working on a premade in my chibi style, not really sure what I'm doing lol but I like it so far ♥

    Should I draw more like this?


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    2. vhssu


      this is beyond adorable, i agree u should make an adopt series

    3. Anneke


      @Cheerbear @vhssu 

      great idea! I didn’t think of it before but it could work, thank you! :D

    4. Kyo


      This dp is so cute :klovee: 

  9. She came to my home today and apologized about what happened, she knew this entire time that this guy was just playing around with me, it hurts so much how you trust people and they just fail you... anyways I tried to stay calm which was so fuckin hard cuz in this type of situations i tend to be kinda aggressive... I thanked her for telling me that, I thanked her in general and then I told her to go away, that we couldn't be friends anymore, it's not the first time that she fails me this way or that she makes me feel bad, she cried a bit but I think I made the right decision. This kind of people tend to be toxic and I don't want that anymore in my life.

    I feel a lot better now! ^^

    1. Parasites


      I'm sorry you had to go through that, but yes the right choice is to let go because it will only continue or even become worse than ever. Much love! :kwave:

    2. Hope


      You've done the right thing. It's hard and troublesome. And I'm sorry you had to go through this. But it makes you stronger! 




      You've dealed with this situation very well and you should be proud of yourself! 

      Glad to hear you feel better now!


    3. Anneke


      @Parasites @Hope

      Omg thank you guys! You don't even know me and you're being so nice to me T_T

      thanks for your support :lazetears:

  10. Anneke

    E u p h o r i a - 起 |2/2 slots available!

    Only blinking eyes and blushing faces ^^
  11. Anneke

    E u p h o r i a - 起 |2/2 slots available!

    Thank you so much for your support!
  12. I couldn't sleep after what happened so I drew this n-n♥

    A new premade for my shop, hope this one sells. I'm still not sure about what colors to pick tho...


    1. Hope


      Don't let anything put you down! Yes those things can suck, but something better is reserved for you :ogoodshi:

      Head up and smile, also that premade is super cute!

      I actually like the pastel colors. :@D@: 

    2. Fujoshi


      Aahh, she's so cute~

    3. Kyo


      Shes cute :k3:

  13. I'm fine, I'm going home, got a lot of things to think about :lazerollcry:

    1. Animu


      I’m here for you if you need somebody!

    2. Anneke


      @Animu Thank you so much! 💕 I’m feeling a bit better now n-n

  14. So my bestfriend and the guy she knows I like the most are kissing each other right now...

  15. I just finished doing exercise and all I can think about right now is: IS IT WORTH IT? -sobs-

    1. Hope


      YES yes it is! Keep going! :guns:

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